My 600 stalls when hot and won't start

I have an '85 600 that has just started to stall when it gets hot (10 mins dirt riding). If I let it cool for a few mins (20-30) it fires up in a couple of kicks. Any Ideas?

Check your oil level. Use good synthetic oil. Change your oil more often than you think it needs. You might think your 600 is air-cooled, but in reality it is oil AND air cooled. A bike that is lean will also run hotter.

Now to address the symptom, most likely your CDI or coil is suffering from the excess heat. They are both located under the tank above the engine head. Get rid of the heat, get rid of the problem.

Vaccuum leak sounds like your way to lean for some reason....gummed up jet in the right carb. I would clean them both and spray some cleaner or WD40 while running to look for a leak in a intake boot. I am asuming you still have the stock setup

The other thing worth keeping in mind is that the XR600 from the mid/late 80's is the one that you hear a lot of reports of the stator failing (the part that powers the ignition, not the lights - it is made of fine fine wire). Failures are reported as difficult/impossible to start hot sometimes.

I think it is mentioned on Baja Designs web site, and I think there was another site where somebody in Oz did a rewind of the ignition part of the stator and detailed their results.

So, next time it dies, it might be handy to have a 2nd plug so that you can just pop the boot off and put in the test plug; get a riding buddy to hold the plug base grounded to the engine while you kick and see if there is a blue spark, or just a weak little orange spark.

I agree with hairy scary, I've had this same intermittent problem with my 88 XR600. It was starting fine from cold and stall when it was nearly warmed right up and not start again till cold, I traced this problem to the stator. It is a common thing for the early 85-90 models. Remove your seat and locate the electrical connectors going into the loom, unplug the black/red connector and using a multimeter you can test the resistance of the stator. Switch the multimeter to ohms x100 range and put one probe into the black/red wire going down to the stator cover and the other probe to earth (frame), you should get a reading between 230-320 ohms. If it reads a long way out of this range or shows an infinite reading, the stator is toast and you've found your problem! From here you could either purchase a new stator (which would probably cost the earth!) or have yours rewound (I had mine rewound for about $170AUS)

I just got my 86 XL600R back from the shop....We checked the carbs and valves and found that the stator was going bad.....Have some one check the ohms on the stator....It should have a really low reading....Some where around 1-3 ohms...Rick's is the only place I have found that sells rebuilt stators but you would have to send one in to have it rewound because they don't have any in stock....I opted for the OEM stator due to the fact that sending mine off meant 2-3 wks of down time and I ain't havin that....I can send you my old stator if you want to send it to Rick's to have it rewound....New stator from Honda $370.00....From Rick's $164.00 ....I'll let ya have mine for $50.00 plus shipping cost....I could send it straight to Rick's if that would work out better for ya.....This link should hook you up.....

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