Anyone ridden the 05 YZ250?

What do you think? I am thinking of selling my 03 450 and getting one of these till the aluminum frames come out next year. Going from my 250f to the 450f makes the 450 feel very heavy.

If the 05 is anything like the 04 was, it should rip!

I have ridden both the YZ125 and YZ250 aluminum frame 2 strokes. You cannot say enough good things about them!

There was little to no vibration in the bars, the 125 with the 6sp was always on the power. Light, nimble, thin and flickable are good works for that bike.

The 250 still feels very YZ like with the new frame. Since that essential is the old motor and plastics in the new frame and suspension. It does not lose its YZ traits. Peg distance, bars, seat all feel YZ. It only lost 4 pounds, but the new suspension and frame make it killer!

I am waiting for the 06 bikes as of now. Get a 250F aluminum frame would be killer. Especially if it were to get under 205 lbs.

One word: SICK! :devil:

I rode one and they are extremely fast/light. It did not feel any lighter than my 250F but definitely had one helluva power increase. I can honestly say I still prefer my 250f but I bet I'd love the YZ250 if I got more seat time on one. :thumbsup:

" Welcome to Thumpertalk. Now STFU Newbie!!! :thumbsup::devil::lol: "

Newbie here, We broke in one 250 on sunday together with my son's new '05 YZ85. Cannot find proper words to describe it. Everything posted above here plus it is amazingly quiet and no engine braking. Really makes me think going back to YZ250 before the frames are on thumpers. Wish I could have them both though. :awww:

Gonz, I have a feeling the YZ250 would be just what your searching for. I have entertained getting one myself. But then I do something like pull holeshots in both my 40+ motos at Portland last Saturday and it makes it pretty hard for me to want to switch? Of course I weigh about 200lbs and am an old 500 rider so the 450's kind of suit me. It's a really rough time picking a bike these days aint it!? :thumbsup:

Ive had my 05 250 for about 3 weeks now. Ive ridden it about 5 or 6 times. The motor is very strong from bottom though mid it is abrupt. You can lug through turns in 3rd if you like. i like railing turns in 2nd on it, the bike feels super super light everywhere on the track compared to my 04 crf 450. You can't compare this bike to a thumper. i rode about 6-7 hard laps with some guy on a crf 450 sunday and his bike was not better anywhere.. straights ..turns ect. Ive ridden with/againts him before on my 450 and I was just as fast if not faster I felt on the 2 stroke. Ive taken the suspension off 3 times already trying to get it dialed in for me. So far for running the sag at 105 to 110 is the best and I have crf fork springs in the front.They have more preload but I think I can get them dialed in right. I went with those springs since they did not have a 05 250 fork spring available yet.

The fit and finish on the bike is like no other yamaha ive had before. They have matching bolts lol even. I just cant say enough about the motor and how freagin fast it is. My 01' cr 250 was all done by tom morgan and thinking back I know this thing smokes it. My buddy that is Race techs tech in norcal rode it and he has a 05 rm 250 and he said the yz is better period. Imo when people say riding a thumper makes you faster with less effort is a myth and its a "bandwagon" thing. This 250 feels like a 125 with 250 motor. I love it

I went and looked at one at my local shop. It may end up in my garage within a month or so. I just have to sell my 450.

I bought one ... got to be one of the funnest bikes I've ever ridden!! It feels like a 125 ... soooooo light feeling ... turns on a dime.

It jumps like crazy .... good times! Good power ... takes some re-getting used to ridin' 2 smokes again.

How's it feel compared to your 03 450?

put it this way ... since i got the 05 250, i haven't wanted to ride my 450 at all.

The 450 has more torque and pull out of corners ... and obviously you gotta use the clutch a lot more ... but the 250 will turn anywhere ... feels like I could maneuver it with my pinky ... the 450 feels more like a powerful tank in comparison. The 250 has enough power ... but it's different ... has to be "managed" properly to get it to do what I want it to do.

It's been a hard adjustment going from 4 strokes, but now that I'm getting the hang of it the YZ feels like a guided missile! :cry:

I'm pretty confident I'll be able to let go of my CRF250R soon and make this my only dirt bike. Seems to feel lighter than the CRF250, yet have the power of my old CRF450...pretty insane!

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