chain hitting square aluminum uprights on bike?

Hey guys, earlier I was putting silicone under my chain slider and doing some other odds and ends to the bike and I noticed some scaring on the inside of one of the square aluminum subframe... the only thing that could have caused it is the chain. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I didn't see anything on thumperfaq about this. :thumbsup:

The bike has less than 100 miles on it and I've been pretty easy on it so far.

That is normal. I have a pc of 1/8" thick UHMWPE plastic mounted on the inside with mounting tape. It protects the sub frame arm. You need to cover it about 4" length. :thumbsup:

Mine's doing that, too. With only about 300 miles on it. I'm surprized that Yamaha didn't put something there to protect the subframe.

Absolutely!! Mine has done this since new, and I was going to put a piece of plastic on the subframe too. The slack has always been in spec too. It seems to help if you keep the slack setting a little less than the max spec. Odd thing is I have a friend with an '03 WR450 and he has almost no wear on the subframe. We both set our slack the same too - we use an AA battery placed between the chain and the swingarm right where that allen connects the rear of the slider. Weird. A makeshift guard is definitely in order. :thumbsup:

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