Quiet Products Insert - Great product!

For those of you still running uncorked exhausts, I've got a cheap solution to quiet your bikes down to a responsible and reasonable level...buy a $39.95 insert from Quiet Products. :thumbsup:

I bought one in order to participate in a sound-tested ride in southern MN this past weekend...had to meet 96db in order to ride. I came in at 93db when using it with the '01 stock exhaust...

The product is very simple in design...just a single tube approx. 6" long that is turned downward at an angle as it comes out of the pipe...a single bolt holds it in place. Overall, there was very little performance hit if any (i.e. need to rejet).

Having no time to rejet before the event, I stuck it in and the bike ran pretty well. Going forward, I'll probably knock the pilot air jet up about 5...drop the needle 1 clip position...and lower the main by about 2...but again, I think I'm just being picky. Like I said before, the exhaust with the insert still flowed very well...no where close to the performance hits I've heard about from some of the other exhaust inserts...

If anyone is interested, try this link:

Quiet Products Home Page


Great post Larry. It is good to see you back posting again!

How do you like living in MN compared to Colorado? :thumbsup:

Larry... :thumbsup::cry::ride:

Hello Larry,

I'm from southern WI, but ride and race (D23) in MN all the time.

What ride did you attend?

Hello Larry,

I'm from southern WI, but ride and race (D23) in MN all the time.

What ride did you attend?

Look at the date of the original post! :thumbsup:

However, I was with Larry this year during the Theilman ride and he passed the sound check.

There is another Theilman ride coming up in September--->District 23 ARMCA Site: Trail Ride Schedule

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