Teraflex, Terraflex?

Has anyone tried this tire on their bike? It seems so massive that it would eat up clutches! Is it really that good of a tire, however?

Last time I saw a Terraflex was back when my twin brother had one on his 1981 IT250 Yamaha. I do remember it was mammoth! Filled the whole space in the swing arm. Never went through a clutch. In fact, I've never worn out a clutch in any motorcycle I've ever owned!

BrandonW ran em forever on his WR400, definitely a badass tire. MUCHO hookup, and long lasting.

BrandonW ran em forever on his WR400, definitely a badass tire. MUCHO hookup, and long lasting.

And here all this time I haven't bought one because I thought it wouldn't fit. Better get one on order. :thumbsup:

Anyone care to fill me on on what these things are? I tried a google search, but only came up with 4WD stuff. :thumbsup: Link(s) would be nice...


tera-flex style 1 link is a design from metzeler MC4, and it is copied by at least one more tyre manufacturer

if tera's are cheap, they are a good buy

Is this a monster tire, or what?


Any real world reports from people that have ridden them in varied conditions? How well do they work? How long do they last? Any high speed balance issues with the construction? etc. :thumbsup:


Here is a review that I did on the Flex a couple of years ago.

These are the only tires I will run on the back of my bike.

I honestly feel they are the best thing going.

Tera Flex.


Thanks Brandon I will review your post. :devil: I will call you tomorrow to talk about Baja 2005! :thumbsup:

I tried the Terraflex on recommendation of Brandon and another friend. This tire is crap! Sorry Brandon :thumbsup:.

It's way too big for anything but maybe a KX500 or something. It robs power big time! It also will make your bike handle like hell. The back end of your bike will wallow around all over because the knobbies are so tall they just roll over. I yanked this tire off after 4-5 rides on it.

I highly recommend you stick with tire sizes recommended for your bike. It was designed to handle best with that size of tire.

I have noticed that guys who drive jacked up 4WD's with huge tires really like the Terraflex :devil:



i also run the terra flex on my 450,i dropped to a 13 front sprocket to make up for the power loss.i am or was a die hard michilin fan until i put this tire on ,there is absolutely no comparison in soft terrain.i do notice that it does break loose a little more in the turns than a s12 but its worth it for the hill climbing traction

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