Gear Selection problem

My 2000 WR400 decided yesterday that it wasn't going to change gear any more. I stripped it down last night and found out why - there's a bit missing. See the peg on item 2 that goes into component 10 at,1649,1668&i=19905,2 well that's not there anymore.

Anyone else heard of or had the same problem? The worrying thing is that I can't find the bit anywhere, although there was definately more swarf than usual in the oil filter, suggesting that it's just broken up.

I was thinking of just replacing the part, running the engine gently for 10 minutes or so on some fresh oil, draining that out, refilling then back to normal use. What do you think?

your link is not fully functional, so here it is again


this broken part could be anywhere in the gearbox, have you stripped the whole engine apart?

if it got chewed up by gears, there might be some damage on them too ar at least larger pieces of metal scattered around the tranny

particles caught in the filter are IMO just a part of the broken piece

Hmm, that link was all over the place - this one is hopefully correct - Link

It's only a small peg and there was a hell of a lot of swarf in the filter. That, and the fact that the bike was ridden for a good 5 minutes after the problem arose, makes me think that there's unlikely to be much left in there to clean out.

than do as you planned and check/clean filter more often during first rides

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