May be getting a 600...have some questions?

A friend is selling a 97 XR600 for $1,000. I have ridden the bike and it is in great shape. The plastics need a little work, but the bike is very sound mechanically. My brother and his friend both ride 600's, but theirs are older than this one, and this one seems to handle better and feel a little lighter to me. I wanted a Suzuki DRZ400 because of the wieght of the XR, but at this price, it is hard to pass up. I am sure it will work well here in the Colorado mountains, but I am also wanting to ride it in Moab, UT as well. Anyone ride the 600 there? How does it do?

Also, my one irritation with the bike is the heat coming off of the pipe on the left side...It always feels like it is burning my leg off :thumbsup: Is there any aftermarket part or mod I can do to help alleviate some of that heat?

Thanks for the help.

The only problem with the 600's is you have to rebuild the motors every 15 years or so.

I traded my 87 600 in on a brand new 2000 650R. I would say the 600 is one of the most reliable bikes of its type you can get. And the after market supply of accessories is endless. I've seen a built 600 climb a major hill that the 650R worked at harder. Mind you that was a built 600.

For a $1000 you can't go wrong. You will find the bike very fun to ride on all but the most technical singletracks (dropping to a 13 tooth front sprocket helps somewhat in that situation). If the heat off the exaust is that bad (mine wasn't too bad with the stock header and heat shield) the bike may be running lean, check the jetting. Have fun! :thumbsup:

PS I think there's only about 5lbs differnce between a DRZ400E and a late model XR600R.

I love the DRZ's my buddies have, but I will take an XR over them any day. I now have a 650R after several XR600's and 400's and I still feel soooo at home on any year XR600. They are truly awesome bikes. Just change the oil evry once in a while and check the valves infrequently and it will last longer than alot of other bikes. I just picked up a 99 XR600 for my brother at $1800 and I thought I got a smokin deal! Buy the XR. You cant lose at that price. :thumbsup:

There is a material you can wrap around the pipes that will shield your leg from some of the heat....I think it is about 45.00 for the kit....Check out "XR's only"

You will surprisingly find that an XR600 will be competitive with a DRZ400E. There isn't much diference in weight and the later 600's ('91 on) suspension and brakes are up to the task, you may need to stiffen things a little in the suspension to suit your weight. Power? Big red has plenty standard. I'm also particularly fond of these bikes and have always thought that the 600 felt more like an XR400 with a little more weight and grunt while the XR650 feels like a Honda version of the KLX650.

Well, I bought the bike this Saturday. I love how the engine pulls...very strong. It is quite heavy...I fell in a technical downhill on my first ride out (put my hand and shin in some cactus, too) :cry:

I love being able to just fill it up and go, and I am sure it will be a lot of fun once I make the adjustments...It is quite a shock after coming off a CR250 :cry: While it wasn't my first choice, at $1,000 it was a good match for my budget :cry:

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