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I drive a piece of crap 1963 GMC suburban, that gives me problems all to often. I keep thinking that the last problem will be the last problem, but that thing always finds a way to break down, at the least opportune time.

This weekend, Kendra and I loaded it up, and drove about 25 miles out into the khack (100 miles from home), to ride with fellow TT'ers at Manastash.

We showed up Saturday, rode a couple of loops, and had a great time. Always fun to hang with friends we have met, also fun to meet new people as well.

Our day is done, so we load up to head home.

I get about 3 or 4 miles away from the campground, and I realize that my temp is pretty high. I put on the heater to draw heat off the engine, and it is only blowing cool air. That tells me I am low on coolant. I start telling myself "ok, next stream we cross, we are going to re-fill the radiator."

Right about then, the engine starts running really rough, and actually dies. I pop the hood, and steam is rolling out everywhere. I wait a minute or two, pop off the cap, and refill with all the water we have. Does not raise the level high enough to see.

I restart the engine, to circulate the coolant, and it will hardly run, and starts backfiring BAD. I shut it down, and start thinking about what the heck we are going to do to get out of there.

We decide to drop Kendra's bike off the trailer, send her back to camp for ideas, and I start looking for a stream.

Kendra comes back about 20 minutes later with Tim, Scott, Jeremy and Sean. We identify the problem. I have an electric fan mounted on the radiator, and the foam piece seperating the tension spring from the core is gone, and the spring from the electric fan has wore a hole in the radiator. So, we try to pinch it shut, and only make more holes. I am beginning to think that we are not going to make it out.

We decided to send one crew down to Ellensburg for "Stop-Leak" and we will try limping it down the hill. Any time we see water, we will refill the radiator and our containers, and hopefully the "Stop-Leak" will seal the holes.

Tim, boyfriend of Nicki, states that if that will not work, come back to camp, and he will head back to Seattle and grab their flatbed, come and get me, and drag us back to Wenatchee. Sean, Tim's brother, states that he will be able to drag our trailer back.

I could not believe it.

I was very thankful for their offer, but did not know if I could bring myself to ask them for it.

Sean and Scott headed down towards Ellensburg, and Kendra and I began the limping down the hill.

Before long, we met up with them. We put in the "Stop-Leak" that they bought, and continued on our way. We pull into Ellensburg, and stopped at a gas station to top off, and refill our radiator.

Unbelievably, there was nothing leaking out! We still topped it off, and got back out on the road.

The engine has some issues, as it is "surging" a bit, but it made it home. If the engine had "grenaded" as we pulled into the drive-way, I would not have cared.

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the help that we were given, and a big "THANK YOU" for the further help that was offered.

Tim, Nicki, Sean, Scott and Jeremy; you guys saved us a bunch of time, troubles, money and heart-ache, let alone a cold night in the woods.

You guys are all awesome, and I want everybody to know.

*On a side note: Anybody want to buy a roached out 1963 GMC suburban? Cheap!* :devil:

Thank you TT'ers! THANK YOU!




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If its not your bike its your truck, man you are hard on friends. :devil:

Good people hang with good people so I guess you are :thumbsup:

Glad you made it home but I am hoping you have similar luck on your way to the 24 hour :awww:

Take care buddy.

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Glad to see that you made it home. I'm glad that we were able to help. A tow bill would have been ugly.

Also thank you for helping Kyle get this bike though some of the tough stuff. He did much better on Sunday. I put him on the ttr125 and he rode that better than his bike, so I guess it's off to the bike shop again :thumbsup:

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A piece of crap GMC!! That thing is cool. If I had extra money, less expensensive toys and if I wasn't a Mopar guy, I might take you up on the offer. I'm glad to see ya'all made it home ok. :thumbsup:

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