very impressed with the 05 YZf 450

Ive been racing kawis for 6 years now and decided to try a different brand .I bought a yzf450 and i think the bike is alot better than the 04 model .It has less bottom but it is more usable and the power is controlable .Gots to say some one at yamaha did some research .Still waiting for the 05 yz250f to come in

It has less bottom but it is more usable and the power is controlable

yep it's slow all right. :devil:

At least they sell performance cdi's for 04's and smaller front sprockets to make up for the girlie man ride it has now. :thumbsup:

Dude are you serious? Like it or not most of us make some mods to these things (03,04) to take that spike out of the first part of the power curve. And instead of running a smaller front you should run a larger rear, its much easier on the chain and swingarm slider. :thumbsup:

yeh I'm serious. Based on the stories of the 03's and 04's, they really detuned the crap out of the 05's. I think yamaha may have went too far with the taming.

When you are forced to pop the clutch coming out of corners just so you can get it to accelerate out of it's own way, thats not riding.

I'll see when the new cdi gets here today or tommorrow if it's mainly a timing problem. The reason I said smaller front was due to the stock chain on it. It's cheaper to just put a smaller one on the front than it is to get another chain and sprocket for the time being. Since the chain is new for 05, I am curious as to how long it lasts.

But make no mistake it is not fast by any stretch. My 250's are hyper to be sure, but they should not be able to spank it.

I think you got a lemon or something. Mine rips!

sjwr450, did you own an 03 or an 04 by any chance?

I am thinking I need a comparison by someone that actually knows the difference in the ride.

Hopefully I will be able to give a comparison, mine will be here next week so I will add to this soon! they said it is pretty awesome as per transworld and dirtrider! :thumbsup::lol: :lol: :devil::awww::D

Thats cool. I will have swapped the cdi out and put a smaller counter sprocket on by then as well.

I had an 04 WR450 with the YZ cam and Flywheel. Not one Wr part still existed on it other then the E button. Even swapped to YZ jetting. I took that bike to Baja and did 700 miles in 4 days. I would say the 05 is still faster.

hmmm, well then I may have my work cut out for me.

If the ignition and the countersprocket doesnt do the trick, and the cams arent mis-timed, I will be knocking on the shops door. I'll take the 450, and one of my 250's with me, and let them explain to me why its slower.

I dont think it's slower on the top end, but man by the time it gets there the 250 has already smoked a camel.

250 2 stroke??

You either got a piece of crap lemon bike or you don't have a 450 at all.

I have rode many 250F's and many 450F's the acceleration of the 250 is not even comparable to the 450.

wow, thanks I knew it had to be something simple as my not actually owning one. :thumbsup:

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