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contribution to the valve issue?

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CHecked the first 20 pages of posts and didnt see anything on this

Was hearing a clacking while riding the 04 crf2504 that sounded as though the valves needed adjusted. what we found was that the bearing on the rocker arm, that runs againt the cam, was bad. when this bearing goes bad, it makes the rocker arm rock unevenly. This out of synch action can cause the valve shims to fall out (since they are non bucketed) and also cause the keepers to release from the spring, thus releasing a valve to drop through the motor. We replaced the rocker arm/bearing piece and found the valves to be completely right on. A Honda dealer also told us to check the cam every few weeks. He said color change of the cam can also indicate this bearing needs replaced, and that you should also check that the shims are still in place and the keepers still attached to the springs. I am hoping that Honda has made the 05 parts to work with the 04. I know the problem was worked out for the 05 thumpers. I am not pleased to have to check for these issues every 2 weeks, but at least I know if I hear the clacking I need to stop riding and check the bike. This doesn't seem to happen all at once, but more over time, so it's catchable. We have rebuilt 2 04 450f's and I have heard from 2 other 250f owners in Missouri that blew their motors because a valve dropped.

Here's a pic of what the bad bearing looked like in my bike (sorry its a bit blurry). Hope this can help someone! :thumbsup:

badbearingcrf9 04.jpg

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