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2000 yzf 426 turn quicker?

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I have a 2000 yzf 426, but had a go on a yzf 250, the thing just flew round corners compared to my bike but i dont have the cash at the mo to buy one. Does anyone have any ideas to make my yzf426 turn in quicker, ie could you put a rear 100 profile on off a 250f or any other ideas, i ride MX!


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First thing is to raise the forks in the clamps so they are 5-10mm from the top of the clamp.

Second, set your rear sag!

Third, shorten your wheelbase. Move the rear wheel as far forward as your tire allows. You may need to shorten your chain here.

Losing some weight will help, but that is getting harder to do since most of the parts like the Ti and CF are not made anymore. But there are still things on Ebay to find.

Beyond that, those are freebies. Read the setup part of the Ohlins manual (best simply explained literature I have found). there is also lots of good tips on helping you tune the bike.


Spend the money after that on a Zip Ty linkage for the rear. it changes the rates and once you get it dialed in, it does work!

Here is my writeup after I installed it with tips to set the rear shock up with the link:


After that I would suggest to revalve the suspension. But the 250F is more of a 125 class bike, so out of the box it will turn better.

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