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I know this has probably been thought of before.. but I was just reading one of the other posts where a few people suggested we all chuck in $5ea as a friendly gesture to help this site in its ongoing costs...but after some thought on that I figured that we should not be the ones sending the money... If anyone should be helping pay for this wonderful information source, it should be the manufacturers!!! !

Think about it..if you were online, looking for your next bike and did not necessarily just want the usual salesman’s pitch down at the bike shop, but instead you wanted some good, hard, genuine facts and advice about your potential purchase online...what better place to come to than here? That’s where I came when seeking information...

And I sure as hell found all the information plus more...and it sure as hell confirmed in my mind that I was making the right decision in purchasing my new Yammy!

So why not rally up and give Yamaha or someone a call and give them the facts about this website..give them the statistics and how many members are registered etc..

Their marketing department would soon realise what a good thing we are doing for their sales?

I know here in Oz that Yamaha have given some significant money to some dirtbike related sites for simply putting the Yamaha Banner up on the site.

Whets everyone else’s thoughts? Has this been tried and tested? Or is it something that could be of tangible benefits in keeping this great site running for the future?


I hear ya Curt. The amount of information in this site is awsome and is worth big dollars for all the manufacturers. Not from a sales point of view but from a feed back point of view. For the manufacturers, it's like having a huge staff of test riders, and a fleet of test bikes being subjected to every kind of riding possible. ALL FOR FREE ! If they don't use this feed back, then they have rocks in their heads. But most importantly this site must remain independant, as therein lies its value.


Tony Montana

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Totally agree with you both on the quality of info on this site, but I agree with Tony that the site needs to be impartial. If Yamaha start providing cash, they would also want to influence the content. I wouldn't mind making a donation, I've already had a hell of a lot more than $5 worth of info from this board.


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I think Bill may be working on something like that. It may involve shirts, jats or something like that. I agree that we should chip in something as well.

Dave W, they would certainly not influence the site in any way. All I'm talking is something as simple as having a Yamaha logo or banner that leads them to their related sites. We here talk about the Yamaha's till we are blue in the face :) Surely the next best thing for Yamaha is for a potential customer to click on their banner after reading about all this information on their bikes??

I still firmly beleive this site is an asset to the manufacturers...we come here for the free information that we all share...just as you can go to any other interest group for free information..but ultimately what im saying is that this free source of information leads to potential sales to the bike farms.

Yes it costs significant money to keep a site online, up-todate and running reliably...we all take that for granted..but I reckon this is a great opportunity to reward the people that do put in the effort and money in maintaining it.

I think we all contribute enough by way putting the information on here in the first members.

I think its a good thing to let the manufacturers dig into their pockets and contribute via some advertising. After all.. they are the reason for all of us being here in the first place...

The only reason Im reasonably passionate about it, is because I have seen it done here! A Manufacturers Banner that's worth US$2,500.00 per annum to the webmaster...and its purely a dirtbike interest website.


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Exscusa please, but is this not what all web sites try to do in the first place, to get sponsors to pay for their site and make alots of do re mi? Why should you waste your time and talk with a company to put money in someone elses pocket. Granted I cannot disagree with the wealth of usefull info that comes from this site but if who ever operates this site is doing this for nothing then you are a STUPID. And I'm sure that is not the case.

I wouldn't be too quick in lining up a manufacturer for anything other than a banner ad.

If you involve big business at all, they get involved in the wrong way forcing their ill-thought-out, pre-conceived ideas on what TT should be back onto us. Committees form and rules are laid out and lawyers post documents and so on...

The personal donation for file space (maybe video file space :))is probably the best way to go. I work for one of these big-name, ignorant, blundering, process-driven unthinking corps. I have seen them destroy good thing thinking their way was better... when it wasn't.

My vote... Keep the corporations as far away as possible. (not that I'm biased at all :D )


On second thoughts, if the manufacturers contribute financially to this site, then they will want a pound of flesh for their money. I know cause i used to work for one of them. Just look at the motorcycle magazines in their tests. Rarely have I seen a bike get canned. Its always a good bike with minor faults. Why cause of the advertising dollar. But I really think that if they can see the number of members here, and soome of the members here are very cluey, (some more than most motorcycle mechanics I have met) then maybe they would adress issiues of warranty faulty design and any improvements we may suggest. 1 month after buying my 01 wr426, I received from Yamaha Australia a product and dealer appraisal form in the mail. This shows that they realize how important customer feed back is. Just my 2 bobs worth.


Tony Montana

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I think I'd prefer to see an area where smaller, independent tuners and suppliers could advertise. The big guys all have their own sites anyway, and it doesn't take a genius to use a search to find '' or whatever. It's the little outfits that are supporting the sport at local racetracks that probably need the help. I know that a lot of companies have struggled like hell over here, because the foot and mouth thing stopped all the racing.


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I guess we are all stupid DRZorro. Yes, I am doing it for nothing and it costs me between $150 to $200 per month out of MY POCKET. I started it as a service for all that have dirt bikes because I couldn't get any useful info from dealers.

I don't need donations. I am considering options. Thanks all.


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I for one appreciate your work and the personal financial contributions you make to keep this site going. I'm sure that most of those who use this site regularly would not be opposed to paying our way, or fair share.

Nice butt kickin Bryan! (well, it WAS a nice butt kickin :) )

Just so you're aware, most of the regulars know that you're volunteering the time (significant!) & $$ to keep this baby running. Don't let DRZorro's ignorance get to you man.

Your efforts are much appreciated...can I buy your beer in Moab this October?


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If you open your mouth really WIDE. I'll bet you can get your other foot in :)


Hey Bryan I like most of the other insane lunatics :D who use this site appreciate all you do. Most of us have no problems donating to help keep this going. If we over donate I'm sure we could find some injured :) rider who needs help. ( I here there's alot of KTM riders with sore thumbs) :D

To all riders remember to RIDE OFTEN and RIDE SAFE.

If I donated a few bucks, could I sleep in the Lincoln bedroom? Maybe buy some influence? Or, how about a new user name?

Keep the manufacturers out, they will try to take over this site and that would kill TT. Believe me, I have been there.

But I am up for making a donation.

Bill, here comes the other foot. Yes I am ignorant of the fact on how these sites are operated. Bryan please learn me as to what these advertisements to the left are here for if you do not make any money from them to offset the cost of your time and money. Size Ten.

OK, I lied. I put the Amazon and Barnes and Noble advertisements on this site in hopes of generating some revenue. I get a check from Amazon every quarter. The largest it has been has been 30 bucks. Usually, it's not more than 10 bucks so they save it for the next quarter. Actually, now that I think of it, I've only received three or four checks ever.

Soon I can retire from the proceeds from Amazon. Let me see, about 50 bucks per year for 100 years. I'M RICH!

Barnes and Nobles has never sent me a check.

I feel so ashamed for lying.

Sorry guys, I'm in a pissy mood today. And I can see Cueball read my original reply before I edited it! Sorry you had to see that Cueball :)


Bryan, how do you go about getting sponsors, or rather,the paying kind? How about the next time any of us go into a Barnes and Noble book store,go to the manager and tell him or her that we would like to purchase books here if only they pay their bills as per their agreement. Then drop them and make an example... Cueball wipe that brown spot off your nose.

No brown spots here :), just two key factors I have in my favor:

1) I've had beers with Bryan & we'd briefly discussed the site economics

2) I'm a computer guy too, and have experience running sites. I'm very familiar with the time drain of this type of work.

Given the above, I'm very sincere in my appreciation that he donates the time, effort & money....


Everything I have done to my WR has been a direct result of something I've read on this site. I've spent approx £800 on parts, and because of this site, none of it was wasted and my bike is way better than when I bought it. I've even had my eyes opened to a few things going on outside the dirtbiking world, and learnt something about the American psyche (the 'how loud is loud' post was one of the most interesting things I've read online). I'm also in the communications industry and know the time and effort these things take to run. I can only offer my thanks and appreciation.


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