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Keep up the good work. Many of us are willing and wanting to donate. We are here for ya, just say the word.


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*mike68*that was way harsh man.Don't slam DRZorro for simply not knowing anything about website economics.I'll admit that I didn't know the first thing about how these sites are run or funded,and I'm still not fully informed on the subject.You can't blame the guy for assuming that someone was turning a buck on something as great as T-Talk,it is America after all,where the almighty dollar reigns supreme.In a later post DRZorro even poked fun at himself and his error in judgement and you still roast the guy.You sure seem uptight for someone that rides as much as you do!Maybe you're spending too much time on the YZ side of T-Talk,I hear that they're wound pretty tight over there.This could be a sign that you're due for a holiday dude.Anyways-major props to Brian for running and financing this site in the manner that he does.It is extremely unusual and I feel very fortunate to be a part of something that is so unique.

I just get sick of hearing people tell brian what he should do or bitch when they get sensored becuase they post unapropriate material. I guess Zorro got the grunt of it but the STUPID thing really set me off. I know Zorro can handle it.

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Damn....This is a tough crowd....Glad I Got Kevlar Underwear....

I,ll have to change my name to "Archie"! Hey Mike, easy killer, I am allowed to voice my opinion no matter how ignorant it may be. I really had no idea how these sites operated , now I do. [i type one digit at a time, yes I am a STUPID and proud of it]. I think I have a career in radio. Bryan, this was only in informational post with a little sarcastic humor, my hats off to you on running this site, Mike.. you need rehab.!!

Zorro.....sounds like you may have a career in politics ahead of you. You got my vote.

okay....well now that all that little bit is out of the way.... back to my original bit..

A banner advertisment is all I have said... nothing more, nothing less....

Tony you say the manufacturers would want a pound of flesh for their money... They already have it! this is what the pound of flesh is.. its the number of people that come through here to visit this site..

Out of interest Bryan, what are the stats on ThumperTalk... Im sure most of us would be interested to see how many people are coming here to see the stuff we all talk about?

Tree Hugger... The Manufacturers would try and take over this site?? You have lost me a little there.. thats not what my original post was about. It was simply about an advertising banner.

Maybe I just should have emailed Bryan directly rather than create a whole heap of conflicting responses. At the end of the day I'm just suggesting something pretty basic that could substantially help out with some of the financial side of things..thats all...

Hey, when you guys get down to the beef and decide who is collecting the money heres my address:


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

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I love all my bikes, especially those that say YAMAHA on them. I also love that I can check with this site to know the facts! I have used at least a few hundred dollars worth of info off this site, and would be willing to pitch in for it! we should all help to keep it alive and thumppin!!!! :):D

You guys roll me!! I think that the best part of this site is that it doesnt have any big sponsers to get in the way. It's nice the way it is. You must remember that we talk about sooo many different topics here, anywhere from tow vehicles to politics, why would Yamaha want to put their name on this site when half the time it has nothing to do with a bike. Yes, most of the comments here praise the WR but their are topics like " I seized the POS", it would suck if someone would tell us not to post negative posts. I really like the free form style, I think that Bill and Bryan do an outstanding job of moderating. I think Bryan you should let us raise some cash for the sight, I know you do it out of love but some times it's not enough and you're probably too proud to let us help out with the finances. This would be really easy, Bill could do another promotional project like the TT decals but we could send 5 bucks extra to fund TT. 5 dollars is NOTHING, that's one beer at a bar (or pub) big deal!!!! The majority of us Bryan would never question you or tell you what to do with your site but we're in the WWW now and were bound to get guys that think you are making a killing off of the site. Give me a F-ing break!! Why would anyone bike the hand that feeds it??? Some guys just don't get it, but most of us do.


If I may voice my opinion,

I have spoken to the powers at Yamaha and they would be interested in placing a banner advertisement on the TT site.

They have no interest in or have the time to monitor the content of any site on the WWW.

I would think that at any time if a company you allowed to advertise on your site started to get a little strange about the content of a site you would simply drop them or be dropped.

Just my opinion......

Wooo hooooooooooo! I read this when it first started and just now came back! It looks like a late episode of the Jerry Springer show with all the editing going on. I for one would love to see the "to hot for posting" version, :D I love a good roast once in a while, even if its at my expense :) .

Any way I have three points to make on the whole thread.

1 Great site Bryan, Bill, keep it up!

2 If your sorry for something you said, say so in another post, dont edit it out and make us all guese about it man! :D

3 I think if we all read Bryan's post here, he may have inadvertanly told us how to contribute. Amazon sounds like it pays by referanced hits. All we have to do it create unique hits to the sponsers URLs, IE, visit the Damm sites by hitting the links here! Im gonna go try and hit the links and see if we can get the man more than 30 lousy bucks!

I have no problmes with cool Thumper banner adds to keep the site afloat. Hats would be great, and Stickers are always just plain cool. I dont think there is a racer in the world that can resist a cool sticker for their bike. Rock on guys!!

<marquee> :D YOUR ADD HERE!!!!!! :D<marquee>

Scott annand and WR_Jason...Amen!

Dan, I don't think anyone would tell Brian to do with the site.. As my orignial post was only a suggestion... I think poor DRZorro got a little confused..a bit of the old mouth speaks/fingers type before brain works properly. :)

:D Long Live ThumperTalk :D

Just one more thing.. Is there a conclusion to all of this Bryan? :D


It is time you post your address/PO Box! Nice guys finish last, Bry. I (too) have spent a lifetime trying to not make waves or obligate anybody into doing anything. The only one that loses is me.

Let us Thankful TTalkers help out. Ever leave a bar/restaurant without leaving a tip, unintentionally, and feeling like crap about it? Well, that IS how I feel.

Get a PO Box and the rest of us will tip you for your great work!

P.S. If I send you $5.00 worth of cereal coupons, is that as good as cash :) ?

Hey guys

Being brand new to this site, I've already got some great tips that I would never have learned of otherwise. I just hit both B&N and Amazon. Hope this helps.

This place is GREAT!!



If you ain't wreckin'

You ain't ridin'

my dealer WISHES it knew a fraction of what takes place here @ TT. bryan, you tell us how we can support you & TT & the loyal will follow....thx for 1 1/2 yrs of incredible information exchange & all around great fun. besides, having Taffy as one of us is worth it all! thx much...bobwombat

I think it is an excellent idea and im sure yamaha would put in a donation. This site would surely be their cheapest and best advertisment. My old man does a lot of gold/treasure metal detecting. Twice he as called the the manufacture and asked what sort of price they could do for him on a new metal detector if he posted topics on the metal detecting internet forums about what he has found using their detectors.Both times they have given him an excellent price with hundereds of dollars off the retail. Im sure yamaha would be interested in supporting this site.

Jason McCarthy

Darwin, Australia

Oh, hey, what ever happens, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THAT ADD FOR THAT STUPID LITTLE CAMERA POP UP EVERY TIME WE HIT THE SITE!!! Man that thing is really starting to tick me off! :)

Yes,banne advertisements are fine, pop up ads are not.

I get enough of that looking at porn!!


I have sent you several emails with the information on the person at Yamaha motors corp. that is interested in and placing a banner ad on this site.

Have you been getting my emails? Are you indeed interested? I have spoken to them and all they want to know is the price?

Please contact me...

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