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Take a look at The Turbo Diesel Registry is an excellent organization that help all of us Dodge Cummins users. I get invaluable information from their site just like I get from this one. Where would I be without all of the jetting, suspension, "grey wire", and other tips I get from this excellent group of enthusiast. I would join a ThumperTalk organization in a heartbeat.




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Oh Yeah...Everything is paid for!

I admit that I have been distracted lately with moving and all. But, If a donation would assist in keeping this site up and viable let me know. Just email me. Since I am inbetween houses right now use the following email address. or TT has been and continues to be a great asset. I have learned way more in a very short amount of time than I would have otherwise. I like the site and the people. If we donate more than is needed to run the site, maybe we could use the excess money for political contributions to keep our riding areas open. Who knows? In either case I will do anything I can to support his site. Thanks, Paul M. :)

Paul, Dude!!!!! You are on the money!!!!!!

Dan,I could not agree more.

I have to admit that after all of the posts and responses in relation to this topic, I'm rather dissapointed that the staff of TT (neither Bryan or Bill) have provided any decent sort of response.

After all the aim of this topic was to try and help you guys with some suggestions on helping out TT from a potential financial perspective.

I have asked a couple of the other people who posted on this topic on whether or not you had responded to their emails and thier answers were no you had not!?

This very much surprised me considering that Yamaha seemed very interested in participating in some sort of Internet advertising on this site.

If it's not what you want, then simply post something to say so, or at least perhaps have the courtesy to let us know what your thoughts were regarding all this. Bryan you even mentioned that it costs you between $150 and $200 per month out of "YOUR POCKET"

And if you are considering least respond to those who were willing to help you out with the options?? People have gone out of their way to help you guys out.

Sorry if my words sound a little out of line here, otherwise my impression is that all this goes to waste and so does some of the members time.



Thank you, I thought that maybe I was the only one feeling this way. I find it very disappointing that the mediators of TT have not even given me the courtesy of responding to my post's or direct emails...

It will be sometime before I go out of my way and use my position in the industry to help...



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They are to busy spending all the money they make off of this site....Archie

Scott Annand and DRZorro,

Please allow me to set the record straight. I'm not sure if you know this but TT is owned and operated by a guy (Bryan Hulse) that has a real full-time job and family. I know he recently divorced and is moving into a new house. Oh, by the way he pays for the hosting and maintenance of this web site out of his own pocket at $150.00+/month and the site currently generates NO REVENUE! We all thank you for your efforts in looking for sponsorship to keep the site growing, however, you need to exhibit some patience and cut Bryan a break. I'm sure he is not ignoring you. I happen to know he gets flooded with emails and cannot keep up with the nearly 3k members on the site. I appreciate your passion for wanting to see the site grow. I feel the same way. So don't feel slighted for not getting attention from Bryan. At this point he needs to give attention to himself and family. A web site can look like it is owned and operated by a multi-million dollar corporation. Sometimes things are not what they seem. I thank Bryan for his hard work to date and for contributing to my riding experience through this site. I'm loyal TT all the way!


Your absolutely correct :)

Scott, WR400in OZ and DRzorro,

Some more record clearing... I do not get emails sent to ThumperTalk, Only Bryan does and you have be told why he may not have the time to respond (so chill out). If I did, I can only give my personal opinion on how the site is run. The site was created and is funded, by one man Bryan.

As far as future direction and this is MY personal opinion. I'd like to see a couple more catagories added, such as product reveiw, FAQS (so we don't have to answer the same questions over and over) and possibly ride information.

I would also like to see Bryan keep the site, he has talked about giving it up from time to time, due to his lack of time, for attention to the site. I would hate to see this, TT is everything I could hope for in a site, good information, good people and very little moderation. I know this is selfish but, I would rather he drop the non-Yamaha sides, if it allowed him to keep the site under control (time and cost management). Again TT is a great site as is and to make it "bigger and better", isn't what it might become???

Thanks for listening and sorry for rambling :D


Hey all.

First off, about DRZorro's comment about me making money off of TTalk and spending it all, F you Zorro! I thought we were over this discussion.

For the rest of you TTalkers that I've been ignoring, I'm truley sorry. But here is what I have going on in late June, July and early August:

1) Sold a house

2) Changing jobs (slightly)

3) Buying a house (closing next week)

4) Packing, moving, sorting, boxing, all that crap

5) Finalizing my divorce

So since these are listed as top 10 stress items in ones life, you can see why I've been distracted.

However, some changes to TTalk are in the works to beef up this site. If you will be patient for a few more months and just keep chatting about Thumpers and such and don't dig on the owner for neglecting you all (which I do deserve by the way), I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

And in the mean time, maybe DRZorro can get a prototype going of a new site that is free to all on his own time with his own money since he seems to be in the know on these things.

Cheers all,


Bryan, your work is greatly appreciated. I think that's how this thread got started after all.

I'd like to wish you good luck in your busy future. And, try to get a little thumpin' in --good stress relief you know.

Hey Bryan,

Love the site, and always will! I'm with ya in this stuff you are going through, and what you *don't* need right now is a bunch of crap from a couple of guys, which have no doubt benefited greatly from the time, effort, and money that you’ve invested in bringing this community together. I'm sure that 99% of the members are with you while you're getting your life back on track...and for the other 1%...SCREW THEM, they can go somewhere else!

Oz and Zorro can either understand what you’re going through, cut you some slack, and be pleased when you come through the other side…or…they can kiss my A$$. Either way is fine with me; let’s just cease the bitching and complaining, and get back to talkin’ about thumpers!


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Bill, Bryan,

Thank you for the information on your current situation,thats all we needed to know.(maybe a little too much)Good luck!

The door is still open........

Thank you,


Just having a little fun being "A STUPID", knowing that this type of arrogant response would get a rise out of Bryan and others to respond to worked....Size 12..Good Day!!!


Given what you know about Bryan's situation, you should at least say that your sorry for being such a dick. Maybe you should start posting over at!

Actually, I kind of like DRZorro's attitude. Somehow I think he knew I was only being lippy back. Right mate?

Yes, I know I provided too much information. But if I keep my mouth shut like I have, it's seen as me abandoning the site.

I'm telling you guys, hang in there and you'll be stoked.


Stroked, Bry...??? :)

Right Mate!! Bryan, I appologize if I offended you, that was not my intention. I think you and Bill do a great job on this site.There is no other one like it. As for starting my own..forgeta bout it..I,m totally clueless. I,m very sorry to hear about your divorce, it has to rip your heart out, the more so if there are kids involved. I wish you the best...Ken

zorro, i feel like i am speaking for the whole wr forum when i say it's about time you apologized, that was very nice of you to recant your thoughts that were spoken before. and also let us apologize to you for you having to ride that pos bike!

Chill out guys, I think DRZorro is just having some fun, I think too many of you blue riders have a few too many blown blood vessels from all that kicking, me I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome on my thump ..... DRZeeeehaaaa haha

If any of you know how to use paypal, you can send money directly to someone's e-mail address.

I think a $18 donation (annual membership fee) from all of us should do the trick, anything over 100 donations and Bryan is in the money .... then he can spend it ... ey Zorro :)

PS, what the 'ell are you doing in this forum anyway (DRZorro) !!, get back where you belong, spend too much time with these poor fellows and you will have brain fade, no wonder you are suffering from footinmouthanitis :D:D

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