ThumperTalk Question

I,d have no problem helping out....round it off @ $20.00.....What ever Bryan wants to do.

Bryan and Bill, thanks for your reply. Now that I and others are a lot clearer on your situation and how things are handled etc I can relate to where you are coming from.

sclaus, I think you really need to read things a little closer before you have a dig at me. I havent given them any crap as you seem to think... Prior to both Bryan and Bill posting their responses, I was no clearer on things than you were, the whole idea as I've mentioned in all my other posts was to merely help out with some suggestions. Of course I understand what they are going that Bryans posted and let us all know.

Bryan, I hope it all works out for the best mate.

sclaus, before you yourself want to bitch and complain about me next time, get your own facts right..

Thumper on.


Why don't we all give this one a rest......Beating a dead horse here!

Bryan will be the first to let us know when he wants money or help.

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