'89 XR600 weight

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know how much the '89 XR600 weighs, as my friend is using the 'extra weight' as an excuse for him not being as fast as me.



Probably somewhere around 280lbs, ready to ride minus fuel.

Thanks Kevin,

280lbs, that's about what the 650 weighs and it's got liquid cooling. I thought that the air cooled 600 would be lighter than that, are they really both about the same weight?(old bikes are generally pretty heavy I know)


Actually, according to Honda's specs, the new 650 is 6lbs heavier than the old 600. Where extra weight came from, I have no idea. I would guess the new bike would be lighter. The motor itself is 10lbs lighter than the old 600, and you'd think the aluminum frame should be good for a couple pounds.

Oh, well......all I know is it handles better than my '99 600 did.

Thanks for the info Kevin, I'm glad to hear you're happy with your new bike...I'll get a big bore as soon as I've got some extra cash!

Happy trails,


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