XR650R HP "uncorked"???

Hey folks. I was wondering if anybody knows the horsepower ratings for XR's uncorked. Accodring to numbers I've seen the XR has 7 less than the 520 EX/C. I am assuming that this is in stock trim. Can anyone confirm this??


49hp at wheel for standard European which is

the same as 'merican uncorked.

57 - 59hp for H.R.C. race kit added.

Would be interested in seeing a KTM 520exc's

dyno graphs if anyone can direct me.

cheers, Craig

In the pipe shootout down a few post by Redthunder they show 49.6 hp @ 6500 rpm.

I'm not sure where you can find any dyno charts, but if my memory serves me correct the dyno charts I've seen for the 520 have always been in the neighborhood of 52hp.

The chart that I saw was on the Yahoogroups site. It states that the XR has 49.6, while the 520SX has 54.8. I was wondering if anybody knew if the XR's 49.6 hp was stock or with the mods done to "uncork" the bike.


The 50hp (lets say 50 just for convenience sake) rating for the XR650 is with the Power Up parts installed (carb insulator, air box restrictors removed, exhaust tip, different jetting). Bone stock, I'm betting it puts out about 38 or so RWHP. Honda claims the following:

Stock: 43hp

Power Up: 55hp

Power Up motor kit: 65hp

However, Honda doesn't test the bikes for rear wheel HP, so the numbers are higher.

And yes, the highest I've seen the KTM dyno at is 54.8.....extremely impressive, beings a CR500 is around 55, 56hp stock. :)

RedThunder, Was the KTM hp #'s RWHP? Or was that dyno run just the motor itself?


The KTM's dyno was for rear wheel horsepower.

Kevin, I'll take that bet about only 38 hp

at the rear wheel for an uncorked.

From reading 10,000 posts on the yahoo group

I was certain that by uncorking 'merican bikes

you were bringing them to European spec,

which is

Honda claimed ( at crank ) 60hp

owners dyno reports ( wheel ) 49-50hp

Honda claimed for HRC. kit 60 plus 15%=67

owners dynos for HRC 55-59.

Even allowing for difference between

'merican and Euro dyno measuring ( if there is

any ) 38hp at wheel means some of ya'll

are getting diddled somewhere.

( I remember about a year ago some

califorian posted a dyno result of 17hp)

My "arseometer" ( patented ) results are

Standard euro at rear wheel 50 hp

With HRC (except aftermarket can ) 55hp

cheers, Craig

Bone stock, I'm betting it puts out about 38 or so RWHP

When I said I'm guessing 38rwhp "bone stock," I meant bone stock, 49-state trim. That is, the smaller carb insulator and the two airbox restrictors in place, the stock plugged-off baffle in place, and the 125 main jet. With the bike in that trim, Honda claims 43hp, which means the bike probably has somewhere around 38 ponies at the wheel.

Once the bike has the Power Up intake, exhaust insert, jetting, and the air box restrictions removed, then it makes 50rwhp.

hey guys can you tell me what torque the xr 600 and 650 have and what is the horsepower of the 600 please

hey guys std 650r to the rear wheel with a dyno tire is 36 to 37 hp stone stock but when you break in the moter it will be too more hp 99 % of the time let me tale you sompthing about dynos it all depends if you are compairing apples to apples IE: same tire ,gearing ,4th,5th,6th gear run. but back to your original question 650r std motor with 200 miles on it with rear pipe,air box mods,new backfire screen ,edelbrock QS carb 36x42mm, 48 state manifold, emisions removed, 14x48 final drive is( 49.8 hp )that is a fact!!!! :):D ps 99mph.


I remember reading in a Mr. Know-It-All article once that the XR600R has 37rwhp stock. I've also seen a WB dyno chart that showed 35. As far as torque goes, the XR650R has around 43, 44ft/lbs. I'm not sure how much the XR600 has, sorry.

Well...how much does it cost to do all these mods to the XR??? If a 520 makes 55hp stock, and a XR needs some simple, yet costly mods it might just make up the extra 3 grand that I would have to pay for the EX/C. Plus the bonus that you have a majic button bike that is about 40-50 lbs lighter....

Something to mull over anyway.


Originally posted by Dramus:

Well...how much does it cost to do all these mods to the XR???

The power up mods cost $150 and they include the HRC Exhaust Baffle, Manifold Carb Insulator, Main Jet, Needle Jet with seat & the Pilot Jet. The exhaust baffle is $100 of that cost and the carb manifold insulator is about $13. Both parts can be modified via hole saw & knife if you want to save even more money which brings the cost down to less than $40 for everything if you have the tools and time to do this.

The HRC kit with the new cam, piston, etc, costs another grand in parts alone.

The KTM 520 has a better power to weight ratio, but I like Honda's proven reliability. The XR650R was a good fit for my application, especially for the price, but the KTM may be the better machine for the money if you're going to compete or need the magic button and lighter weight. Good luck in your decision.

So, we agree the 650R hovers around 50 horsepower with the power-up stuff. What does the motor put out with the HRC kit and the high-compression piston and all that? Anyone have the stats on that? I heard with this kit, the BRP roosts in the high gears like a 500 2-stroke!!! :)


Honda claims the following:

Stock: 43hp

Power Up: 55hp

Power Up motor kit: 65hp


So the Power Up is really about 60 horsepower, probably. That's pretty good ... especially if you can run SuperUnleaded.



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