Replacing Leaky Oil Seals

I've got a small leak in the oil seal around the kick start spindle on my xr6, I've already bought a new oil seal to replace it. I've heard that you can just (carefully) drill some holes in the old oil seal and pull it out with some needle pliers and push the new one on with a long socket (after cleaning it up) and you don't have to pull the crankcase cover off. Anyone ever tried this or have a better idea?

Would also like to try this procudure on my dad's xl500 which has a BAD oil leak around the oil seal on the gear shift spindle.

I've bought both oil seals and they both look smooth on the outer surface that makes contact with the covers (no grooves or anything).

Thanks for any info.

I'd like to bump this up to see if anyone has any information about this. My 86 XR600 is also leaking oil from the clutch lever shaft on the left crankcase cover. It's leaking a lot!

Bikebandit has the following schematic:

and details:

7: LEVER, CLUTCH Area Code A 60870-001


25: BEARING (12X16X10) (12x16x10) 242529-001

26: OIL SEAL (12X17X2.5) (12X17X2.5) (NOK) Area Code A 243432-001

Can I replace the oil seal without taking the cover off?


I've replaced both of these seals by removing the sidecase its not hard and you actually don't have to remove as much stuf as the manual says, such as the pipe.

My 95 does the same thing. The first thing I would do is try and clean the dirt out around the shaft. That is the normal fix for my 95. I use a feeler gauge and some WD-40. I use a 7 or 8 thousands gauge and spray the shaft, gauge and seal down real good then slip it in between the seal and shaft and rotate round the shaft while pulling out. Gets all the dirt out and I am good to go for a few rides.

The kick starter shaft can also be worn by the seal and that is the reason for the leak. My 95 was that way and I just put on a bearing sleave and a new seal. We have these at work in varioius thickness and diamaters. They are designed to give you some more life out a shaft so it will seal instead of having to replace a drive shaft on a pump. Works pretty good and easy to put on.

When you take the cover off becareful for two things. The kick starter rides on a roller bearing which is installed in the case. The bearing will stay put but there is a thrust washer between it and the shoulder of the kick starter. What will normally happen is that it will stick to the bearing when you pull the case off due to the oil. Just don't loose it.

Next is the oil transfer tube between the output of the oil pump and the oil filter housing. The tube is about 3/8" in diameter and about 1/2" long. It will more than likely do one of two things when you pull the cover off. First is stick in the case and then fall out when you put the case down. Second is it will fall out before you get the case off. Either way is not bad because you can pick it up from the bench top of retreiv it from the bottom of the case next to the clutch basket. What you don't want to do is forget it is there and forget to install it. It fits in a hole on the oil pump and the hole has a small o-ring which is supposed to retain it. What I do when installing the cover back is put some grease in the hole and then put the tube back in. It keeps it in place while I tap case back in place. Never had a problem.

Also don't loose the copper washers between the oil line bolting that is connected to the top of the case and the cylidner. You can reuse them.

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