yz250 vs wr250/wr450


I'm going to buy a new bike, but I have a few questions for the experts on this forum.

I'm 6'2" weigh 250 lbs, and I've been riding a friends '03 yz250f on trails and rock quarries for about a year.

The yz250f seems very powerful, but I'm wondering what the difference between the wr250f is, or even the wr450f.

I definitely know I don't have the experience to control a yz450, but I've been told that a wr450's power is more controllable due to it's tuning.

I've also been told that due to my size, a 250f is too small. However, I don't really see that logic... the yz250f is such a damn powerful bike.

Can anyone explain the differences a little better, or give me their suggestions?


For mountains the yz250 are fun nimble bikes. For open spaces they lack a little poop and the WR450 will out do them... unless there are constant whoops. :thumbsup:

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