Completed Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust for sale-SOLD

I'm shedding a few parts and have a complete Pro Circuit T-4 XR650R exhaust system for sale. I has a few rides on it but no dings or dents. System is in excellent condition. $220 US.

e-mail me if interested.



[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Clark Mason ]

What exhaust are you running now and why?


I have tested several exhaust combinations and have setted on a FMF Power Bomb header coupled to a White Brothers R4 muffler / tail section. This combo seems to give the best overall response. It is slightly stroger than stock (with the Honda performance baffel) in the lower mid range about the same in the mid has better top end and over rev. However, the T4 has the best top end and overrev response.

The complete T4 system is excellent on upper mid through top end and overrev. It is better suited to desert and dual sport use. The T4 has the best 50 to 100 mph pull its strong but a smig softer on the bottom.

I ride everything and the R4 PB combo is better suited to my overall riding. The T4 is actually better made (all stainless steel better bends, etc) and in the uppper mid range and over rev it can't be beat but I can only ride one exhaust so i'm parting with the T4.



hey clark you haven"t used Barnums pro exhaust yet thats whats wrong hey saw your post see you saturday.

Clark, I'm curious....

Did you ride the bike with just the R4 silencer alone? If so, what kind of changes did the Power Bomb header make? Right now, I've got the R4 with the stock head pipe, and I'm kinda iffy about buying an aftermarket header since White Bros. claims they hurt low and mid performance.

Thanks for any info.

[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: RedThunder ]

Yes I did run the R4 with the stock head pipe and My personal feeling is the FMF PB header helped the power band bottom to top.

The complete T4 is SOLD!!



Thanks for the info Clark....guess I'll have to look into getting one.

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