99 wr 400 and elec start?

I have a chance to buy a cheap 99 (crashed) wr400 and I was wondering if the elec starter can be added on. Price is great but since I want it only for street it sucks that there is no e-start. Also who makes nice street legal kits other than Baja?


PS. WHat year did Yama started using E-start on WR's?


A couple of years ago some company in France developed an electric starter for the earlier WRs. It sat in front of the cylinder instead of behind like on the currant WRs.

If you try the search mode maybe you can find it. I think that it sold for between $900.00 and $1100.00 bucks. Pretty spendy. I don't know if they sold many because it was right before the introduction of the 2003 models.

The first year for the E button on the WRs was 2003

hi greg, i was just looking for the same thing you are (electric start kit for a wr) and i was wondering if you were able to locate the company that the guy who replied to your email mentioned? i dont really want to update, as over here in oz we get a bit of trouble with titanium valves. i'd like to keep mine. i'm greatful for any help. thanks. danny

I dont see why you would want to make it an electric start, they are so easy to fire up anyway.

sonds nice but doesn't make sence for me. i could sell my bike and buy a used 450 and not spend 1000.

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