Single Phase Rectifier/Regulator

If you call Ricky Stator, they'll give you the details you need. I've not installed their regulator rectifier, but there will be different ways you can connect it. You can replace your AC regulator all together and run a DC only system or run both an AC & DC system. If you're going to replace the existing regulator with this regulator/rectifier, then from the looks of it, my guess would be that you'd run the stator output wires (yellow & green) to the yellow wires on the regulator/rectifier (not polarity sensitive). The outputs on the regulator/rectifier would likely be the red (+12 vdc) and black (ground), which you'd connect accordingly to your harness. If you're planning to run both the stock AC regulator & the DC regulator/rectifier, then you'll have to 'T' the yellow & green stator output wires to the yellow wires on the regulator/rectifier and then connect the DC accessories you plan to run to the red (+12 vdc) and black (ground) respectively, but you'll probably also have to float the regulator/rectifiers case since it's likely connected to the black wire (ground).

Thanks for the help. Ricky was tons of help. I upgraded my stator to the 200 Watt. That should do the trick. I also have a fan on my radiator that was barely spinning and i am hoping that helps.

Thanks again :thumbsup:

DREDGE......back up to the top.

I'm doing the same thing as the original post, with the goal of running a 12V Spal radiator fan. I've got the same Ricky Stator part, so I guess my question would be, does the new part wire in in the same place as the OEM regulator does?

Can I run the fan directly off of this, or should I use a small sealed lead-acid battery as a buffer?

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