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What did you have done there?



Originally posted by nvmythumper:

What did you have done there?

Hi Tim,

The only thing I've done so far was to buy parts there at a discount

(skid plate, Eibach front & rear springs, etc). I went there to

personally pick up my parts and eneded up getting a grand tour. I

used to regularly race mx at Saddleback mx park, Escape Country, etc,

here in Southern California in the 70's & 80's and I found the people

at Fineline had a lot in common to talk about regarding racing &

suspension during that period of time. Tom, the owner used to be

incharge of suspension at White Brothers during the early years.

They had a large truck in front of their door being filled up with

dirt bikes that were heading off to some event. Their shop is small,

but it's filled with business. They've got plenty of new work coming

in and plenty going out as well as lots of work in progress. Eveyone

I talked to there was just plain nice and knowledgeable.

They left a very good impression on me in that the atmosphere there

was truly from a small specialty shop who cared about their customers

& the quality of their work.

I will likely be using them for my suspension work sometime early

next year. I'm going to first be riding my bike with the standard

suspension and try to tune it the best I can. Then I'll be

installing the heavier Eibach spings I bought from them and do the

same thing. At this point, I should have a pretty good feel for my

bikes habits and will then know exactly what I want done to my

suspension to make it work for my application. Tom said the XR650R's

have some significant rebound issues which can easily be improved

through revalving, but I've yet to personally determine any issues as

I've hardly got anytime on my bike as of yet.

I also have used Fineline for a long time. They have done my shocks a big favor and they work well. They stand behind their work and I have also bought other parts from them.

They are very busy so that usually means they are succesuful. :)

I just had my first dealings with a small specialty shop called Fineline Motorposrts and wanted to say that I was VERY IMPRESSED with their company & people who worked there. They have many years of Experienced suspension modification/customization behind them and they were a pleasure to deal with both on the phone and in person. Their walls are filled with pictures addressed to them from big name racers who have sent in "Thank You" picture cards for the suspension work that Fineline had performed. This shop is staffed by experienced people who ride, race, live and breath motorcycle suspension.

They also sell many parts at a good discount. Right now, they are offering most parts in the White Brothers catalog at a 15% discount and you don't have to pay tax if you're from out of state.

If you're ever looking for a knowledgeable & friendly suspension shop that also sells parts at a good discount, then consider calling the fine people at Fineline Motorsports.

Fineline Motorports

7522 Slater Ave. #104-105

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 84-CYCLE

Fax: 714 375-4045

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