XL600 carberator question

OK, I've got an '86 XL600R that I'm restoring. This has the old two-carb set up and I'm trying to dial them in. I've put an aftermarket pipe on it from Al Bakers but their jetting advise was kinda limited. What I've done so far: Increased the pilot jet from a 63 to a 65 on the primary carb, increased both the main jets from 15 and 18 to 25.5 and 27.5 and raised both needles with 1/2 mm shims. Here's how it's performing: a little weak still on the bottom, fantastic mid-range and popping on the top. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Are you running the stock airbox?

Are you running the stock airbox?

Pulled the snorkle and installed a Uni filter. If you're thinking it sounds lean, I've also replaced the manifold "O" rings and I've checked the plug, it's a nice shade of light brown.

Your stock jetting on that bike is: 118 primary and 115 secondary. Are you just leaving off the first number in the jet size? If you are, your too rich and if you're not your too lean. On my '85 XL600R I'm running 65 pilot with the screw out 3.5 turns, .015 washer under the needles, I put the stock 118 out of the primary carb in the secondary carb and up one size (I forget the number) from 118 in the primary carb. And with the carbs off I squeezed the linkage that opens the secondary carb together as much as I could and still have it open fully. This set up is pretty good for 1100 feet above sea level but I've thinking of going up to .020 washers and one more size on the jets and see what happens.

Yea, I was leaving the "1" off. I meant 125.5, etc. thanks. I'm not sure what the size of my washers are, I just miked 'em and they're .5 mm. Are you saying yours are .15 mm? Did you shim both carbs? I wondered if it was nessesary to shim the secondary one since that needle is up and out of the main jet for mid-range and top end already. I squeezed that linkage too but didn't have to remove the carbs to do it. Are we talking about the same thing?

My washers are .015 inches and I did shim both of them. I squeezed the "U" piece of linkage while I had the carbs off already, that way I could look in and have it as closed as possible while still letting the the secondary carb open fully. The way I have my carbs now works good when it's hot here in Phoenix, but a little lean when it cools down. And it's a little rich when I go north of here to ride at 7400 feet above sea level. But I'm tired of stripping the bike to pull the carbs to keep changing the settings.

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