crashed my XR650 and have some frame damage....

after bottoming out my 650 on some rocks I noticed that the left side frame rail right under the engine mount has been collapsed and on one of the corners of the tube it actually tore some aluminum from the tube and exposed the interior of the rail. Has anyone done this before? has anyone seen it repaired?? and if so, how?

thanks in advance,



Would a real skid plate have prevented this or did you have a real skid plate installed? Just curious...

I just dumped my plastic skid plate today and installed a White Brothers aluminum skid plate. It's a nice piece of work and fits very well. I understand Utah Cycle makes their skid plates. Sorry to hear about your left side frame rail damage.

I've warned people so many times about getting a real skid plate for the XR650R it's not even funny. I cracked my frame the second time I rode it from similar damage. Take it to someone that can TIG weld aluminum, preperation is the most important thing. Make sure everything is CLEAN, use only stainless steel brushes on aluminum to prep it. You may want to grind out the damaged area with a burr for a weld bevel. I'LL say it one more time "BUY A REAL SKID PLATE" these big pigs like to drag the frame in the dirt (and rocks), this along with a plastic "token" skid plate, and 300lbs just don't mix. Good luck with the repair. Also keep an eye on the right foot peg bolts they'll be the next thing to go. If you were running a skid plate, this would be the first one I've herd of breaking like that.

Good Luck,


the 650 had a baja designs aluminum skid plate installed. It was what I would consider a "real" skid plate made of 1/4" thick aluminum. thanks for the input though. by the way, the plate did not break, it just bent in on the frame rail and tore the aluminum of the rail. kind of strange, but all too true.... the rock must have impacted exactly in the spot of the frame rail.



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Wow, that's a real bummer. Like I said, mine has been welded, no prob. since! Good Luck

Originally posted by Dutch:

Check out the BRP skid plate...

Utah Sports Cycle in Salt Lake City builds the skidplates for many of the aftermarket companies such as Moose, MSR, White Bros, Baja Designs, and possibly others who don't want you to know this. From the looks of their pictures, it appears as if they 'may' build BRP's skid plate too.

Here's a review of their products at the following link...

The plate that you see on brb's website is exactly the same as the Baja Designs one that I destroyed. thanks for all your help though.



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