wide ratio gearbox

what is the wide ratio gearing like on the wr450? whats the top speed of them,and would it be better to have a close ratio gearbox instead?

wide ratio is better for trail riding and a wide range of speeds. You can crawl at 6 mph or go 90 mph with the WR 5 speed gearbox. It is fantastic! I love the first gear for technical nasty terrain and 5th is great for cruising down the fire roads. :thumbsup: Did I mention that I love my WR450! :devil::awww::lol:

hey thanks alot.how fast have you wound it out to?would a slightly larger main sprocket help to get it up to about 100,or is it not worth it? is your wr450 green stickered(or could it in california?)

Yes I have topped it out several times. You need a 15 tooth front sprocket to get to 100mph or 16 tooth to get to 110 mph. I think the 16 tooth is the biggest that will fit. :thumbsup: The 05's are green sticker in California. The 03's and 04's are not unless you imported them from Canada. :devil:

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