XR650 conversion?

Has anyone really converted an XR650R to an L?

What is involved? Tailpiece, Turn signals, Saddle, Tank, Headlamp, Switches, Wiring, Mirrors?

I am looking real hard at doing it. Any tech info will be appreciated!

One company provides the whole deal. Baja Designs

Actually there are a number of companies that provide the whole deal.

The one with the most complaints (at least for the XR650R) is Baja Designs.

Look for a kit that has a "brain" where all of the wiring comes out of it to its respective area. Also look for a kit that has quick release brackets so when you land for a weekend ride you can quickly remove the blinkers etc.

The one that I was leaning towards is from Eline. Their website is http://www.elineaccessories.com/

Then I found out that their "brain" is completly sealed and if any componant breaks inside you have to replace the whole "brain". I also don't know if theirs is a quick release kit or not.

Now I will be going with a kit from Electrex USA. Their website is http://www.electrexusa.com/dakar/default.html

Their kit seems to have everything that I have been looking for.

Look for a full review of the Electrex kit in a few weeks at http://xr650r.net

Another kit that looks very interesting is from "Trick Dual Sport". I like the looks of their kit very much from the pitures I've seen. It's simple, low profile, good looking and inexpensive.


It's the magic button that is most difficult though.

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