HELP!! What bike is this Sprocket for (Renthal 154U 520 53T)

I bought this 53 Tooth Renthal from somebody on Ebay and they said it was for YZ 426. I pulled my wheel of to install the Sprock. and a no fit. I'm gonna have to sell it now and want to make sure I dont do the same thing to somebody else.

It's a Renthal 154U 520 53T


It fits Honda CR from about 88 on all the full size models,hope this helps.cheers

would that be a 88 CR to O4 models? What about the CRF?

Can anyone get more specific?

that fits all honda CR and CRF machines (not the minis).

Yamahas are (150U) Honda is (154U) :thumbsup:

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