xr600 axle seal part number

Good day all, I am replacing the wheel bearings on the rear axle and I need a honda part number for the rear axle seal. Or a part number/source for aftermarket seals. I did bike bandit but their propriatary pn system is of no help. I've done a search and came up with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm assuming you ask for a modern (1991 or newer) XR600.

Dunno what the numbers for the older drum brake ones are.

Rotor side:

#7 on pic: 42313-KZ1-670 COLLAR

#27 on pic: 91252-428-000 OIL SEAL (25X40X7)

#30 on pic: 96140-62030-10 BEARING (6203U)

Sprkt side:

#4 on pic: 41231-429-000 RETAINER, BEARING

#6 on pic: 42312-KZ1-670 COLLAR

#27 on pic: 91252-428-000 OIL SEAL (25X40X7)

#31 on pic: 96140-62040-10 BEARING (6204U)

You can check prices and verify part numbers at


Thankyou, thankyou :thumbsup:

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