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Shane Lusk Injured

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Anybody have more info on this? Saw it on another forum.

Shane Lusk was involved in an accident Saturday night at Fastrac Motocross Park in Cairo Georgia and is currently in the neurological intensive care unit at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center. At this point he has no movement in his extremities.

Just read where Shane Lusk crashed while practicing breaking his neck. As of now Shane's injury is at the C6/7 which means he has been paralyzed. They say he has some feeling but can't move.

Taken from mototalk....

Jessica Patterson just sent this:

"I went back to the hospital today to see if they have heard any new news and see how he was doing. They wont know more till after 6 tonight and when I was there Shane had made some improvement. He now can move his arms a little and was also complaning about cramps in his

legs. They said that was very good news and like I said we wont know how he may recover till later. When I get back from there tonight i'll keep you guys updated. Please keep praying for him..


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