FMF Powerbomb Question

If I get an FMF Powerbomb for my WR, is there a guard per se, like the original had so you don't burn your riding pants? That's the only thing holding me back at this point.

No guard on the Powerbomb, but you could make your own. Check Motoman393's page, there should be a guide on there about making one. Otherwise, a few guys on here have posted pic's of their homemade heat shields, maybe do a search? Actually, here's a guard that Satch fitted to his bike... web page :thumbsup:

I dont run a guard on my power bomb it is only needed when the bike falls on you and trys to brand you. That is why the Powerbomb logo is engraved in the pipe. Makes for a great tatoo. :thumbsup:

I just got a powerbomb for my 01 wr426 and bought a pipe guard for a exc450 from flatland racing, It fits pretty close, it will protect your pants and the pipe if you drop the bike on the rocks, I also think for 20 bucks extra they will make a custom, for the powerbomb, one for you, just make sure you talk to the right guy over there, the dude I talked to was a friking idiot.:thumbsup:

This is the link to the heat shield for the Powerbomb. It's not as large as the stock shield, but it might help from burning your pants. As far as the branding goes....that hurts like a bastard. It's kind of cool though when the skin makes the little bubble dome. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, E LINE makes a carbon fiber heat shield/guard for Powerbombs too. I think its Carbon is pretty cool stuff for that application. My buddy has a CBR 929 with a Jardine carbon pipe on it. We rode it hard for an hour and he could put his hand right on the pipe. I can light a cigarette off my WR's headpipe, I don't want that hot monkey coming anywhere near my legs. Good luck.

Hey Eric,

Did you notice much difference with the Powerbomb over the stock headpipe?

I'm an idiot, I just read that you don't even have the header yet. Some days I'm dumb.

I don't have the powerbomb yet, but I have ridden other WRs that have them. Thay seem to add more low end torque and snap, but that's what I got from it, and why I'm going to buy one.

I bought an E-line carbon fiber guard for mine from a guy on TT and I believe it's about $80 new. It covers up more than the stock shield. I would recomend SX pipe if you desire to increase low to mid range response, they also make a MX version that helps mid-high range. I found the cheapest price at :thumbsup:

I second Treebark's comments. SX makes a noticable difference on my 00 down low, but does pinch the top end a little. I ended up with an e-line header guard. Like Indy, I was not running one, butdid not like the smell of melted boot or pants after technical rides. The carbon fiber is great as far as heat dissapation. You can touch the guard while the pipe is still very hot with your bare fingers. Would not have dared do that without the guard!!!

I have a FMF PB, what i noticed was the bike is quieter, as far as a heat shield is concerned I do not run one. The fit of the pipe is great it appears to be shorter than stock which allows you to get to the oil filter better and the pipe is farther away from the water pump hoses, which may help stop some overheating problems.

I've got a powerbomb on my '00. It burned my pants once. About a month ago one of my buddies leaned against the bike on the trail while it was hot and it melted his too. As long as you're conscious of avoiding leaning against it I don't see a real need for a guard, but to each his own. I'd probably put my $ in other areas. My $.02

It does add low end. But honestly mine was a pain to get jetted. The JD red needle works best and it's running good with current settings.

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