XR 600= pipe and springs?

Has any one put a FMF power core IV Q on there bike? Is it louder than stock with endcap out? Does it have more power than stock with endcap out? Also the 600 is soft on hard settings. Have you guys put new springs in? 180lbs and working the bike hard. Heard of .45's for the forks and 10.5 for the rear. And what about SRC brace... worth it or no?

Those spring rates sound pretty close for your weight. Try www.racetech.com to find out for sure. And yes, the fork brace is worth it. I had one on my '99 XR600. Made the bike track better through high speed hits, handled roots and rocks better, and it turned a little quicker too.

On the subject of exhaust. You really can't go wrong with the White Bros. E-Series. I liked my 600 best when I used the E-Series on the stock header. Boy, was that thing a fire breather.

The SRC fork brace works as posted above. It is pricey and you have to cut out the front fender to the point that it will no longer support the weight of a front fender bag. The gators have to be removed and the forks get dinged up fron front wheel roost so plan on using the neoprene booties to protect the fork tubes.

I used one on my old 600 and it really made for some precise steering. Much faster in the roug stuff. Swapped it onto my xr400 later . $20 for new mounting kit and I was real happy with it there also. I also had some fork tube issues there but that was before the neoprene booties were the hot setup. I M O the booties should be a part of the kit.

Ron Wallace Racing 741 Tatum Ave. Gilroy CA. 95020 makes a brace that cost a lot less. I do not know much more about it than that. Picked the info up from a previous post somewhere.

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