mohave ride

Hope everyone had a riding thanks giving weekend.Did a three day run in mohave with no tech problems on my 01 650r, power up, stroker pipe and jetting buutttt it still wont climb like my cr 500 on long steep/steep sandy mountains. It does great for the first 5 or 6 hundred yards then cant carry the speed much farther up the hill. It rocked on everything else very steep rock climbs awesome, i dont think it generates the tire speed for the long sandy climb, sinks instead of floats. anyone come across the same problem.

Whats up dude? I'm from Fresno. We should hook up a ride. send me an e-mail


I have the same bike with the same experience at the same place. Jawbone Canyon right? I have been there three times since I bought it and can't seem to get it to respond like my CR500. Checkout my reply to the Pumper Carb post. That carb sounds like it would help a lot, but I'm tired of sinking money into this bike to get 500 results. I really miss my 500.

What year was your CR500?

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