Pumper carb

Can you explain what "kill switch carb" means?

Is this the 650R carb?


The Honda "kill switch carb" :D knocked me off the fence and I bought the Edelbrock pumper carb.

It comes with new throttle cables and handle. This is a very nice feature since I have different triple clamps and my bars are 19mm forward of stock. The install was easy and the bike started on the 4th kick. So off I go to ride.

I made it about 1/2 mile from the truck and the plug fouled. Luckily it restarted and made it back. I get out the directions and read up on how to adjust the carb. Hmmm , says here to replace the plug so you can tune the carb easier. I know that but I wanted to ride. :) I spent about an hour adjusting and riding 'til it was right. This carb is easy to tune, take the plug out of the top and turn the screw. No spilling gas, keeping track of little screws, etc.

Berms, jumps, and whoops havn't been this much fun since I sold my RM250.

All said and done, what an improvement! :D


If I may speak for the poster, the stock carbs can cause the engine to flame out or stop making power if you give it a good handfull of throttle all of the sudden. This is especially bad in the low rpms when the engine can't deal with a blob of fuel as well. It shuts the engine down as if you hit the kill switch.

Picture this, you're going down a muddy trail in front of your best bud about a third of the way into second gear just putting. You come to a mudhole and decide to fill your buds face with mud so you start to lean forward a bit and hit the fuel hard, you then nearly fall over the bars as it feels like someone yanked on your back tire (the kill switch effect) and as you roll off the throttle you get a burst of power that usually makes you fall off the trail beacause you don't expect it. Still, your bud's face ususally does get muddy but it can be a surprise.

It seems these carbs are at fault, the engine does respond well to a less abrupt blob of fuel.

Great discription Highbeam! I know the feeling very well from my past riding days, but I've always been able to correct it with proper jetting.

I haven't yet experienced this in the XR650R because I've only rode it once in the last month that I've had it except for putting in my backyard. I've either been too busy, or on vacation or just plain sick like I am now with a pneumonia. I hope that once the holidays pass, which is when I'll get more time to ride that I'll be able to correct these issues with jetting changes to the stock carb, but if I can't, then I'll buy the Edelbrock that's getting good reviews.


Yep it's the XR650 and Highbeam hit the issue pretty close. The only thing I can add is, the "kill switch" effect is caused by the lack of fuel on sudden throttle opening. If you snap the throttle like a MX bike when jumping, exiting a berm, or blasting your buds with mud :D , there is a huge rush of air but not enough fuel. The addition of the accelerator pump gives a shot of fuel to keep her rippin. I jetted the stock carb as Honda recommends and it works well most of the time. Keep in mind, I ride the BRP like a MX bike. The stock carb is not suited to rough whoops, high G jumps, and snappy berm exits. I dreaded long whoop sections because the bike would stall and about throw me OTB. As for high G force jumps, it's equal to Russian Roulette. :) Not a good feeling and at 36 that hurts too much and takes too long to heal.

I'll be riding the re-opened Saddleback MX park this weekend if anyone wants to see a pig fly.


Is that MX track near Irvine Lake?



Originally posted by nvmythumper:

Is that MX track near Irvine Lake?

Tim, that's the track alright. I was there the day it opened, but only as a drive by spectator. I believe it closed due to come permit issues, but this is the first I've heard of it being back open. I may also swing by to spectate if I'm feeling better and have the time. You enter through the same gates as Irvine Lake.

If you park on the road on top which overlooks the track just to spectate, keep an eye out for cops as they will ticket you there :)

I sure do miss the old Saddleback park when Bonzia was still being raced.

I know this feeling of the "kill switch." This happens when climbing big hills and expecting the massive engine to put out the ponies, when instead it just stops in its tracks. This is not a good feeling when in the middle of an intense climb. I would like to learn more about this carb. But that brings me to the next topic.

I am sick of having to change everything on this "money pit" to get it to perform like a real bike (CR500). I have a great time on this thing, but it does require A LOT of time, effort, and money to make it perform.

That is the track at Irvine lake. Talk about permit issues. The Irvine Co. seems to think they have the right to tell everyone in So Cal where to live, what type of hobbies to have, etc. IMO, we should avoid anything that profits the Irvine Co.

BTW, Please DO NOT park on the road and spectate. That is a HUGE problem. All the opponents use that for ammo to close the Park. It's $5 to get into the lake property to spectate.

Lastly, support Supervisor Todd Spitzer. He and his staff were instrumental in getting the Park re-opened. :)


So, why not just stay with a CR500?

I wouldn't mind seeing a BRP fly around on the track! One of the guys that does the desert races for Temecula Motorsports says there is a customer that jumps a BRP out at Lake Elsinore all the time and he bottomed the suspension a few too many times and broke his right peg off on a landing on a double. It broke him and the bike up pretty bad. I bet he wishes he spent the money on having his forks and shock dialed in for the weight!!! :)

I know what you mean about the $$$ pit. I look at it like this: Cost of bike+cost of mods = Total.

Now do the same for other bikes you might buy. In my case, the XR is less than the WR or KTM overall. The weight is only factor moneny can't fix.


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