Should I buy an XR650?


As a new member I have to introduce myself. I am a 31 year old norwegian who have been riding sportbikes since 1993. I have recently decided to change my bike for something different.

As we have winter here from november until march I would like to own a bike that can be ridden during winter, and do supermoto duty in summer.

I have been looking at models like Yamaha WR426, KTM 620 / 625 SC and XR650. I am a bit worried that the XR might be a bit heavy for enduro as it weighs about 20 kgs more than the WR.

Is there any sensible way to put the XR on a diet?

What aftermarket exhausts / slip-ons give the best results?

Your opinions will be appreciated!

I wish I could tell you how to get weight off the XR but it is about as good as it gets in stock form. An exhaust/muffler will not save enough weight to justify the $$$$ IMO. I know from former KTM owners that those bikes need more regular and costly service than the XR. I have ridden a 2001 WR many times and it is a nice bike. If I had to do it over again, it would be hard to choose between the WR and XR.

Hope this helps,


I bought the 2002 XR650L and love it. It is a great street bike for going across town, and you can take any trail any XR can take. This bike will jump and fly! Its a trail bike with lights. Only downside is seat height and weight. If your pants inseam is 29 inches or over you will be ok.

The weight takes getting used to but there are very few things I don't do because of it. Hardest part is getting it out of the garage.

I have a 2001 XR650R and really have a great time with it. I came off of a CR500r and it was a tough transition. After MANY technical changes, I finally got the xr dialed in to a great bike, but the money spent hurt the pocket book. I really wanted a KTM 520, but didn't want to wait. The extra cost of the KTM would have been worth the money. I wish I would have been more patient. I would like to lose the weight from the xr. Its a great bike, but heavy. However, it WILL do GREAT anywhere you take it. Happy decisions!

ExCR500rider - Were you up at Winton Park with the kids last weekend? I was up there with my DRZ and buddies on their YZ125 and YZ250. If so, hi.

toreide- The best thing you can do, if at all possible, is to ride the bikes first. Fully decide what you want before you get it. I purchased a DRZ400S intending to do street/trail/dirt riding. But now I'm doing almost exclusively dirt, and the DRZ is HEAVY. Now I'm wishing I had a YZF or a two smoke. If I would have rode a few bikes first it would have made my decision easier.

The XR650 is a great bike, but if you are concerned about the weight now, you'll likely be very unhappy with it later. And definately go with the XR650R, because the street legal L (if you even have it over there) adds another 50 pounds over the R version.

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