YZ426 or YZ250F

I am looking for a bike with good suspension and power. I know I could handle a 250F and a 426F. My decision will basically come down to which bike is more reliable in the long run. I know with a 250F I would be winding it out more, and with a 426, I could take it a little easier and still be going fast. which bike is the most reliable in the long run between the 250F and 426F????

I have both. '00 426f & '02 250f Love them both. The 426 has the basic upgrades: 03 cam, 01 clutch mod, and "free mods" The 250 has the '03 cam & free mods. Race them both in OldtimerMX and choose based on needs for the track. Do well on either. The 426 is nearly maintenance free except oil changes and chain oil. The 250 needs just slightly more attention but still nothing major. If I had to choose just one, I would take the 250 since my horsepower needs are not as great as my manuverability needs.

Depends on what type of riding you're doing, ability, weight, etc. I've had both, '01 426 and '02 250f, I weigh 150 lbs and a vet novice. I do everything from MX, open dez, and tight trails. For PURE MX, I say the 250 is best, also for tight trail work. The 250 can also work in the dez but you're pinned most of the time and the motor takes some abuse. In the dez, you'll play catch-up with your big bore riding buddies, but you won't be as tired at the end of the day. You definitly need more frequent oil changes and pay more attention to maintenance on the 250F. Overall, the 250F is a fine do-all machine, plus lightweight and fun.

Now, on to the 426...another great bike for just about everything. For MX, it has plenty of power to clear difficult obstacles, pull you in loamy/sandy conditions, and just "pull" you anywhere you point it. The only drawback is the weight, which you feel in a long moto. Ridden back-to-back with the 250F on most MX tracks, you will like the 250F better. One good thing about the 426 on a track is you pretty much put it in third and leave it there all day. On the 250 you shift more. Now, in the desert the 426 rules! Plenty of power for hillclimbs and open dez situations. Trails are also good for the 426, except the weight comes into play by the end of the day.

Overall, you can't go wrong with either bike. Both are bulletproof, reliable, and pretty low maintenance compared to "other" brands. Find a good, low-hour, well-maintained YZF, set it up for yourself, and let the thunder roll!! :thumbsup:Good luck.

hotrod250F, how long would the back tire, chain, and sprockets last on your 426, and how long do the back tire, chain, and sprockets last on your 250F????

The 426 is a powerhouse of a bike. You will give up HP to the 250F, but if you ride a 250F for a while you get use to the HP it has and it is very useable!

You also have to compare the same ergos of bikes. The 426 has the older ergos same as the 01-02 250F bikes. The newer 03+ ergos are much flatter and allow you to get your weight farther forward on the bike. I like the 03 ergos becuase of this and find it much easier to move around on the bike. You can update the older bikes, but that takes some parts are money to do so.

If you ride tight tracks, you will love the 250F. Even tracks around here like Washougal, many people still ride the 250Fs. They are fun to ride and do not tire you out from trying to hang on like the 4xx bikes. I like the 426 for the power, but it can tire you out. It is something that you have to train/condition for. The 250F out of the bike corners better also since it is a lighter bike with a bit shorter wheelbase.

I got the 426 for the power and top speed for out in the desert and trails. On the track you only use 1-4 gears. Never 5th. on the same tracks, you use 2-5 on the 250F bike. I love the 426, but the more tracks that I ride, the more I am going to get the 06 250F with aluminum frame.

Reliability wise both bikes are there. If you get the 01+ bikes they have the Ti valves and I have seen many of them break and take out the top end. My suggestion is to do a new top end with hi-comp piston on the 250 or just new piston on the 426 and get some Kibble White SS valves. That will greatly improve the reliability of the bike.

dirtrider007, like any bike the tires and chain/sprockets longevity all depends on how often you ride and you maintenance regimen. For both my bikes, I went pretty far on the stock chain and sprockets because I adhere to routine maintenance. Tires, well again, depends how often you ride and where. Keep your chain adjusted properly, lube it every ride, make sure your sprocket bolts are snug, and you should be fine. You can't go wrong with either bike, it just depends on what kind of riding you do, tracks, dez, trail, etc. Good luck. :thumbsup:

If you are comparing reliabilty, speaking as someone who has been around a while, they are both off the charts. It's like comparing Granite to Concrete. The 426 has a slight edge (except for some complaints I have seen about 4th gear), but they are both phenominally durable considering what they do.

I think you'll have to decide based on other criteria.

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