spark plug wire 650R

I'm trying like hell to get the spark plug wire off with my hands but I simply cant fit my hand under the tank well enough to get it. Are you telling me the tank has got to come off to get at the spark plug ? :thumbsup: Any ideas?

Another thing, the book shows a break in period of 1 day of riding or 15 miles. Probably more like 1,000 miles wouldn't you say? I planned on keeping some regular dino oil in there for atleast a few hundred but have HP4 that says it's good for break in. Think it would hurt to put a synth blend in there at around 100?



Most go 600 miles changing the oil every 100 mile and adjusting the valves at 600 mile oil change. After that I change the oil first of every month or 200~300 miles.

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