valve specs?

any one out their have an xr80 (for your kid or something)? i need the valve specs(its an 86)

Haynes manual for Xr80/100: valve clearance cold engine intake and exhaust .05mm. (.002 inch}

Points gap .3-.4mm (.012-.016 inch} If you have them. You may want to adjust the cam chain also:

The upper cam chain tensioner is at the left rear top of the cylinder. With engine idling loosen the retaining plate bolt and turn the eccentric adjuster with a screwdriver to quiet the cam chain. If it is still noisy with the punch mark all the way to the right arrow you need to adjust the lower adjuster. It is at the lower left of the cylinder. With engine off loosen locknut on the lower screw and tighten the adjusting screw to take up the slack. Tighten locknut and go back to the upper adjuster and adjust screw so punch mark is straight down. Restart engine and readjust untill quieter.

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! poopie i bought the wrong one.

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