Throw it away or ride it out?

This is a technique question: In a baaad sitcheeayshunn, what do most of you do: try and ride it out, or throw it away and hit the dirt?

My race car training has it ingrained in my brain to "drive off under control rather than spin off out of control" (vehicles tend to flip - that's bad) But twice now I have been poorly served by this thinking. MX tracks apparently don't spend much time grooming the surrounding real estate and I am still sore (only, luckily ) from my latest such event. Next time I plan to slide 'er down and let my brand new (well, not so new anymore) vented pants take the abuse :thumbsup:.

Any opinions?

Depends 100% on the situation. If I'm falling off the back heading into a long strait away then I'm going to try to ride it out. If' I'm falling off the back aproaching the takeoff to a double or triple then if there's time I'm getting off ASAP. Depends on the situation and it's up to you to make the judgement call as to what would save you the most body parts.

I always try to ride it out. More than one time I was very surprised to find myself still on two wheels after I would have thrown it away.


Hey I always try to ride it out, but you can still break your ankles. Once I came off a blind step down only to find someone crashing below me. It was either throw the bike away from him or land hard on him with the bike. I threw the bike to the side away from him which sent me head first into his body like a football tackle. Our bikes hit so hard that I broke his handle bars clean off and broke my footpeg. I glad I threw it. He would have been in the hospital if I hung on.

I broke a femur trying to "ride it out" once! Laying it down would have been relatively painless by comparison. I detached (ruptured) my achilles tendon earlier this year "riding it out", I knew the minute I took off that my trajectory was wrong, should I have jumped? :thumbsup: It would have been much worse! A couple of questions for you. Why are you going on off track excursions? Just like in racing cars or anything else, dont consider any options past the edge of the track! It usually always causes problems. The bike would have probably made the corner if you dont choke. Only look where you want to go and never anywhere else. Good Luck

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