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Now what do I do?

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Hello All,

I was hoping a newbie to TT might be able to gain some valuable knowledge from you experienced pro's out there.

I bought Thumpdaddy's XR650R a couple of Week's ago and here is the story.

When I bought the Bike from Thumpdaddy, he had already been to the DMV to beat the California Deadline of 1/31/04 to register the BRP as a street legal Bike. They gave him all the paperwork and he paid the fee's, he just needed to get the dual sport kit installed and signed off, then he could go down to the DMV and pick up the license plate. Well, in the meantime, I bought the Bike from him and went directly to the Temecula DMV and just wanted to find out if I had all the paperwork that I need or if I needed Thumpdaddy to register it (get a plate) and then transfer ownership to me? The Temecula office said that I all the paperwork was in order and gave me a new green sticker and license plate all in one trip, without even seeing the Bike. Well, that was great for about a Week, they then sent me a letter in the mail saying that they were holding the title until I brought the bike to them and had it inspected. I took the bike to the DMV and they asked me for the Federal Emission sticker and I told them they would not find it because it did not have one. I then went inside and they said the Bike is not licensable???? but could not give me a good reason as to why not.

I spoke with A Baja Designs guy and he said that they are wrong, but now WHAT DO I DO? they have my Title held for Ransom.

ANY ideas would be more than greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


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