Skid Plate Questions

I am asking for a new skid plate for my XR6 for Christmas and want some opinions. Who makes the best skid plate for the money? Concerns are ease of oil changes, amount of coverage, and problems with cooling. Any information would be great! Recommendations? :)

Utah Sports Cycle in Salt Lake City builds the skidplates for many of the aftermarket companies such as Moose, MSR, White Brothers, Baja Designs, and possibly others who don't want you to know this.

Here's their web site...

Here's a review of their products at the following link...

Also, check to see IF White Brothers has a skid plate for you as it will likely be made by Utah Sports Cycle. If they do, you can contact Tom at Fineline Motorsports & Suspension as he's the owner. Ask him if he'll give you a 15% discount from retail on the White Brothers skid plate (if they make one for you) and he may do it. Tom was offering 15% off of most items in the White Brothers catalog and that offer may still be good. The people are Fineline are GREAT people to deal with.

Here's their web site.

Fineline Motorports

7522 Slater Ave. #104-105

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 84-CYCLE

Fax: 714 375-4045

I recently bought the White Brothers (Utah Sports Cycle) skid plate from Fineline for my XR650R and the fit and finish was excellent. Good luck!

Thanks for such a complete response qadsan! I will definitely give these guys a look.


I agree, I looked at their site and the prices are great. In addition, they have free shipping to the lower 48 states. Sounds like I have found myself a skid plate!

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