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PNW Manastash ride on Sept. 11/with pictures

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Well folks, as you have already heard it was a awsome ride. Jeremy and I started from Taneum Junction and rode the 19 miles over to

Manastash Campground to meet and ride with the rest of the TT'rs. By the end of the day we had done 66 miles, which included a trip

up to Mt. Clifty on the new trail and down to Windy Pass and through the SouthFork trail. Not to be forgetting the really cool 4X4 trails

we were guided through. I wish I would have taken pictures of the actual 4X4 trails and single tracks we road but I was too busy having

fun and only remembered to take my camera out at stopping points.

We saddled up our bikes and prepared to leave the staging area.


Before we left Ranger John gave us a speech about our responsibility to take part in the Education and Enforcement of trail laws and courtesy.

John is 66 years young and works to keep our trails open. I have worked with him on 4 other occasions and he is a really nice man. He still

hasn't got my name down, sometimes he calls me Vick instead of Nick but that's ok with me. He cares.


We headed out on the 4X4 Trails to connect up with single tracks. We stopped at a bridge along a lake to wait for everyone else to catch up.

I didn't take pictures of the bridge.




We then continued on and caught up with everyone sitting and watching while one rider struggled to get his bike started. He had killed it

trying to get around a corner which was situated on a hill. There would have been nothing special about this hill or corner except that it was

muddy and very slippery. We helped him get his bike started and then everyone got off their bikes and became spectators cheering each

rider on as they negotiated the turn and mud trying to stay upright. Not everyone succeded staying upright but everyone did make it up.




We came to the shore of another Lake or maybe it was the opposite shore of the same lake we stopped at earlier. I don't know.

Anyway we stopped to talk, take pictures, eat and generally socialize.


What could she be thinking or rather what did he do or say?

I love catching you ladies at your best. :thumbsup:




Finally it was time to leave the Lake and head up a steep switchbacked hill side which would not have been too bad except for one thing.

You guessed it, slippery mud around each switchback. Sorry no pictures of the switchbacks. You don't stop to take pictures in a situation

like that. :lol::D:awww: So here we are at the top of the slippery climb congratulating each other for our graceful skills.


We pressed on till we arrived at the FunnyRocks where the 4X4s were playing.




From here we all headed out on the 4X4 trails untill we came to a resting place where we split up into two groups. One group was

going to meander back to Manastash Campground and the other to do some single track riding in the Taneum.


There you have it. I am sorry I didn't take more pictures of the singletrack trails and 4X4 trails. Mt. Clifty photos would have been nice

too. I was just having too much fun riding. Thanks Nicki and everyone else who got the ball rolling for this ride.


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Very nice pictures. I rarely get off one or two. Now I can show my wife that I actually went riding and didn't just leave to get a break from the kids...

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Great pics Nick. I must say, you sure caught me off guard in that one pic. Urggh :devil: but great picture of my bike. She's far more photogenic than I. :thumbsup:

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