DIY Baja Lights?

NiteRider has an HID model that's 10 or 15 watts

A friend has a helmet mounted HID, and it kicks butt! It also will take a huge bite out of your wallet...his was $500 :cry:

Light anyway you look, and about a 4 hour burn time between charges. Great idea...ouch.

Think I can do for less than $100?

Cool.. you pull that off and you could MAKE some money!!! :cry:

However.. as long as it doesn't look like Lamont built it (Sanford and Son). :cry:

We'll see. So far I have $10 in it and that got me a rewound stator and H3 bulb.

I've been looking around for 6-8" offroad lights and there isnt a huge selection, but some are pretty cheap. I saw BD's pin-mount light frames, but does anyone know what the brackets look like?

And no, it wont look like Lamont built it. :cry:

I just bought a pair of 8" Bosch 100W lights (Euro style beam) for $67.00 from Race Ready in Chula Vista (if anyone else knows the area). You could use that light (for only $35 it's a great light) for your housing.

And BajaD's light setup is trick. I use it too. The twin pin mount is superb! I even use it for my stock light housing. To go from twin 8" lights... to the stock light takes me no more than about 5minutes... and that's if I drop a pin on the ground. :cry:

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