porting RFVC head, tips

Hey, I have to pull the head to put some new gaskets on. So I am going to throw a 1652 WB cam in there and port a bit of the head.

Any tips of what to do or not do would be appreciated. Any problem spots or places that are just money to port out.

Hi there. Maybe put an oil cooler on 'er ? I have a 92 XR600(650 now) turned into a fire breather.( Big 650 piston, big White bros Cam, WB porting) Shes my baby. I still ride 'er every now and then. But it seems to run a lil hot. i need to put an oil cooler on 'er. Maybe i'll break out the ol' 650 and race the Adelanto GP. I also have a 2000XR650( IN LOVE ) :)

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