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CRF 250R bogs when i snap the throttle

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Ok i have a new 04 crf 250r ever since i got it i noticed that if i am close to idle and i snap my throttle it bogs.. now i really haven't messed with it way too much because i only notice it when i am warming it up and not a lot when i ride but it seems to be a problem and i wanted to address it.. all right so far all i have done is put a #42 slow jet and put the polite screw to 2 turns.. i really didn't get a chance to test that. but did notice the bog. now i am left to think my problem is with my accelerator pump/leak jet. i know that some people suggest using a #55. but would i have to adjust my timing linkage? or is my problem something else? i know my next mod is going to be the powernow what does everyone think about that? is it worth it to get the powernow plus with the powernow? and does anyone know of a rev box that is out for the bike?



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