Hurricane Top Clamp

I have seen this advertised in Dirt Rider and checked out their web site. Anyone run these or have any experience. I have been looking at rubber mount top clamp but these seem pretty trick. Opinions?

i just put mine on last week and its great! the feller said it would work a lot like a steering dampener for people who don't like dampeners. well it does,there are some braking bumps at the end of a long straight on my test track that want to rip the bars out of your hands when you hit them at speed and it took me a couple laps to figure out i didn't even feel em anymore! good stuff and good people to deal with. i highly reccomend them. :thumbsup::devil:

I had a set that I won in a raffle. They are little big and I never really noticed a whole lot of differance, but I only had less than 5 rides on them before I sold the bike. I've heard good things about the RG3

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