Edelbrock carb?

Several people have told me that the Edelbrock pumper carb the greatest upgrade ever made to the XR650R. Are there other places to get good prices on one in addition to D Barnums? Thanks


Its been a great upgrade for me and I own several of these carbs for different bikes. There are other places to buy from, but you won't find a better price or the level of knowledge on this product from anyone else but Barnums.

but you won't find a better price or the level of knowledge on this product from anyone else but Barnums.

Price... I agree, Barnums is best.

Knowledge... Chris or Jason rock at Edelbrock too (as well as Rob)... they've helped me and just did a bunch of warranty work. AWESOME guys at Edelbrock!!

Barnum is back ordering the carburetors right now but, he is also running a special on them for less then the one on ebay. I should get mine first though....I have two ordered (Ordered for four Months) Edelbrocks and paid for through Barnum.

He is selling them for $350 insted of the sell price of $399 others sell it for.



Don't know if you can wait....and I am not sure if he even knows for sure if they can nail a date down when they can get them. $399 for the ones on ebay but, I would make sure it is in there hand ready to ship.


the ones on ebay are not in stock, I emailed him yet he claims 4 available..I might have to report his ass..it's misleading

My riding buddy is selling an Edelbrock carb off of a 650r. He had it on the bike for 6 months and is selling the bike without it. It is in new condition and he will sell it for $300 +shipping. He is in AZ, PM me with your phone # and I will pass it on to him.

Question about shipping for item #2489324103 - Edelbrock Carb kit XR650R Carburetor Honda XR 650R 650

I asked if it would be ready to ship at close of bidding and he said, "yes it is" So, if you go this rout I would ask again. and keep the record...it is a buy it now.

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