XR650 Starting the BEAST??

Anybody out there have a good starting procedure, cold or hot, for the XR650. Does the "unplugged" version start any easier?

So, I'm assuming your bike is bone stock? I rode my bike breifly in its choked-off showroom condition. It started easily when cold, but I never started it hot or after a crash.

Here's how I start my XR.

When its cold:

-Choke all the way on

-Kick slowly until you come to TDC. You'll know it because you'll feel a "hard spot" in the kickstart stroke.

-Pull the compression release in. While you have it pulled in, move the kickstarter about an inch or so downwards, bringing the piston passed TDC.

-Let go of the compression release

-Let the kick starter come all the way back up.

-Kick like you mean it.

Starts 1st or 2nd kick that way. I do the same thing if its hot, only I don't use the choke. Again, it almost always starts 1st kick, sometimes it takes two.

If I crash, after I pick up the bike, I pull in the compression release and hold it while holding the throttle WFO and kick it several times. Then I use my normal routine.

I don't know if the EPA legal bike is any more difficult to start when hot or after a crash. My advice, uncork that thing right away! :)

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Once the 650 is uncorked and jetted it is much easier to start. However, after a laydown its a bear to get started. I went to the new Edelbrock Quicksilver pumper carb and it totally solved the sarting after laydown problem. I layed my bike down with the engine running on both the right and left sides and it just lays there running perfectly happy. I stop the engine let it lay there for 5 minutes, pick it up run it through a few times using the compression release then switch on and it fires on the first kick every time--Man what a difference!!

I posted a report after jetting etc. over on the XR650R Yahoo e-groups forum.


I still don't see how people have so much trouble starting their 650's after a fall. Maybe my bike is a factory defect, only in a good way?

A few kicks with the throttle open and the comp. release pulled in, and its ready to fire.

Mine was a real pain to start when bought it. Uncork it! Not only will it start easier it will put a permanent grin on your face. I use the same technic Redthunder posted starts 1st or 2nd kick everytime.

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