XR650R vs. sand dunes

Took my 650 out to the dunes for the first time on Saturday. Kinda sucked 'cause we got rained out a little early (only rode 30 miles), but it was still extremely fun.

I was very impressed with how well the 650 performed in the sand. I wasn't even using a paddle tire. Just an IRC M5B with about 6lbs of air in it. I never felt like I was at a loss for power, or that the bike was too heavy for the sand. I'd use 2nd to start out, and the back tire would spin just for a couple seconds, and I'd be on my way. Once I got into 3rd, hang on!

I took my old XR600 out there several times, and this 650 is day to night better. The extra power is great. The instant response off the bottom really helps. And sand whoops? Man this thing tackles them great. Probably the aluminum frame, combined with the larger fork. All I know is it handled really good.

Anyway, I'm really happy with this bike, and I'm looking forward to my next dune trip.

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