Western Newfoundland Riders

Trying to find out how many riders in western Newfoundland are interested in a trail system similiar to the Western Snow Riders trail system that we could access in the Spring, Summer, And Fall. Maybe its time that something was put in place for us to use. Travelling between Stephenville and Corner Brook is not to bad, but I can't seem to travel from Corner Brook to Deer Lake. Who is interested and what do you think? Any suggestions would be appricated and support is welcome. :devil::thumbsup:

Waz up;

I'll say this much. There is so much riding between Stephenville & Corner Brook that you could wear out 100 sets of tires & never hit the same route twice.

Then you have the entire Port au Port Peninsula.

You can travel From Coner Brook to Port aux Basque easily enough. There are thousands of miles of trails & fire roads in between.

We live in an unbelivable place, that would make most people's jaws drop... :devil:

Plate your bike........nothing to it....then you can take the route you mentioned....15 min of pavement :thumbsup:

I haven't even scratched the surface of the areas i mentioned & i've put thousands of miles on two wheels for the past 25 years...........all dirt. :awww:

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